Thursday 18 September 2014

One of My Most Khoobsurat Moment Vol II

Here's one of my Khoobsurat Moments that turned me into more of a person with mature thinking, responsible attitude with all that needed patience...

Right after few months of my marriage, I had conceived with my only child and everyone in the family was more than delighted with news. But as the time passed, i somehow developed some medical complications which lasted throughout the pregnancy term .... and i delivered my preterm baby in seven n half months weighing 1.8 kgs causing loads of medical problems to myself n him too.
After his birth, my premature infant was unable to keep himself warm without external help, so he was placed inside an incubator for 12 days and used to be brought to me only for feeding..... I had been dying to hug him, kiss him and love him till the time my heart wanted ...but the doctors weren't ready to take a chance.

Finally after spending sleepless nights without my baby & due to my repeated requests, the doctors allowed me to stay in KMC (Kangaroo Mother Care) ward wherein i made my baby in direct skin-to-skin contact wid me by making him sleep over my breast all the time so that he cud get enough warmth from my body. And i was really amazed when doctors told me that his body temperature got regulated at a better frequency following this method.

This DIVINE TOUCH of mom n child made me believe the fact that AN AFFECTIONATE TOUCH CAN HEAL ALL WOUNDS N CAN SURELY STRENGTHEN OUR HEARTFELT BONDS. The moment of this self-realization suddenly grew me up with a lifelong responsibility to keep another life not only alive, but provide him a secure, lovable family atmosphere always to feel blessed with such parents My son is my first love today and will always be ... This is the most KHOOBSURAT moment that I live with every breath of mine till i'm alive !!! I can't ask for anything more treasured from Almighty ...

(P.S. This post is being posted for Loreal Paris India #khoobsuratMoments campaign)

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  1. purest form of love ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥


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