Tuesday 30 September 2014

I could easily identify myself with 'Golden Goddess'

L'Oreal Paris has launched rich chocolate shades of Casting Créme Gloss symbolizing distinct personalities with which each of us can identify. Not only that, but L'Oreal Paris has created entire distinguishing looks for each of the personality which are available on Flipkart for sale.
 Store Link for Iced Diva

 Store link for Chocolate Chic

Which of these diva matches my personality?
The traits of "Golden Goddess" sound like being the exact replica of my personality. I believe in being beautiful in my own way without blindly following so called "trends", rather I have the guts to be a trend-setter n ppl easily confide in me for my valuable opinion. Its not only about looks/appearance that is appealing in me, but I wear my attitude n spread positive aura to the lives of whoever comes in my contact.

I know my strengths very well and I do accept my weakness thats why I know how to take compliments and criticisms gracefully. Not getting dragged by illusions is my speciality and I master in conquering my fears. I'm determined to test my mettle against the best efforts of my competitors, so I enjoy winning situations and learn from my defeats.

A 'Gal with Golden Heart' is what friendz call me when they find me loyal n reliable in relationships!! So Golden Goddess is no one else, but just me :) <3


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