Saturday 13 September 2014

Loreal Casting Creme Gloss bestowed me with that Khoobsurat Moment

                            Coloring my hair has never been my cup of tea. Though I always admired the lovely change in personalities of my friends who used different hair colors for  so-called "fashion statement". But I somehow had a feeling of staying away from hair colors due to chemical allergies n reactions which I got to read about in magazines etc.

                            Few days ago while enjoying leisurely lunch time at work place, a friend -cum- colleague of mine Babita almost trapped me for coloring my hair with her 'impressive' arguements. She convinced me of availability of hair colors with 'no ammonia content' & also shared some positive effects of nutritive and rejuvenating ingredients included there in (like Royal Jelly) on our hair. I was left with no choice, but nodding to "Yes". She even accompanied me to pick the suitable shade of L’Oreal Paris Casting Creme Color range from the exclusive online store....

                            Though I had been skeptical initially, but deep in my heart I was curious to see a 'New Me', so I got my hair wear the new shade of "darkest brown" in less than half a hour at home itself without any help :)

                                    The outcome was better than my expectation... I noticed the glossy sheen not only on my hair but my dusky complexion was complimented as never before :) Hubby darling, who is very possessive for my tresses, felt more than relaxed seeing me in a new avatar n gave me a thumbs up too!!

                            I excitedly waited to thank Babita for her valued advice the next morning. And to my pleasant surprise, I was flooded with heart warming compliments for that lovely transition of my personality as soon as i took off my helmet in the parking area of my office ;)

                                   Loreal Casting Creme Gloss completely busted all my myths when an ordinary day turned into a special occassion for me and I felt no less than ~Rapunzel~ living that #khoobsuratMoment and captured a well deserved selfie too ;)

Now I'm confidently ready to #SayYesToColor in future <3


  1. A new change sometimes brings big change.

  2. You look wonderful ♥
    I loved your "dress-up" routine that you had written abt in the Diwali section
    I just get up in the morning and put on the first thing that comes to my mind
    I don't use make-up
    After reading your blog and how you dress up and take of yourself, I too am inspired to put on a little perfume, kajal and dust on some powder
    Self-love comes first, right Shilpa ?


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