Monday 4 August 2014

Today's Quick Breakfast - Kulcha with stuffed Tofu

Getting up late in the morning is one of the most troublesome situation a working woman has to handle :/

And when I face this situation (like I did today morning), I really get my mind in almost frozen state...not exctly knowing what to do on higher priority. The long list of morning chores like taking care of breakfast, ironing kid's uniform, packing tiffins and then getting yourself ready for work soaks away all the energy in the morning  itself...

Juggling between similar confusing state today morning, I found myself lacking time to cook usual breakfast consisting of stuffed paranthas n veggie, so on my junior's suggestion I just served him Kulchas with Tofu Stuffed in it.

Here's is how he relished its simple preparation...

1. I cooked Plain Tofu with sliced onions and tomato puree with li'l chilli sauce in the preration. Sprinkled some origano flakes for that special aroma and flavour.  

 2. Shallow fry the kulcha on griddle with butter.

 3. Slit the kulcha, spread a layer of Mayonnaise and filled a generous stuffing of cooked tofu.

 4. Served the yummy breakfast :)
 So does it sounds delicious to you!!
Share ur valuable views in comments below...


  1. Replies
    1. it really tasted yumm n specially its apt as per the taste of fussy kids. My son loved the breakfast that day ;)

  2. yup, its almost 5-10 min. job. Do try it n let me know how did it turn out :)

  3. It's a great recipe Shilpa & very easy too. Looks & Sounds yummy. Am sure it would be tasty too. I always struggle with breakfast ideas in the morning especially during the weekends but looks like my prayers have been finally answered. Thanks a lot Shilpa for sharing it.

  4. Woww!!
    Yummiee Receipe !
    I would like to try & let u know how it taste after i prepared :)
    Thanks for this post!


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