Sunday 24 August 2014

Makeover of My Home by MakeMyHome

There is no second thought about it that everyone expects & deserves a roof above his head in life in form of a 'HOUSE'. But its equally important to have liveliness at that place so that the people living in a that house feel intermingled into each other's lives.

The pleasures of living in a 'Lavish House' with finest furnishing is really something pretty to dream about, but to me I prefer a li'l 'Cozy Home' where every family member celebrates LIFE everyday :)

My home is special for the foremost reason of the warmth of friendly relationships amongst the closely knitted family members and the reflection of those happy moments on our smiling faces all the time. Infact, as soon as I step into my home after a hectic day, an instant feeling of security envelopes me from every anguish of world n gets me re-energized all over again :)
My family dining together :)
 As someone truly said "Home is a little corner of God’s green earth to call your own.I will add to this saying that "my home is the most adorable possession filled with personal touches and sentiments that I lived till date..." <3 

It's natural instinct that most women are the nest makers by nature. In the same flow, I think myself of a talented Home Fashionista I dare working on my own creative ideas to give my home a unique personal touch to have a savvy life in my own comfortzone. Living in a home that speaks out loud about my outlook towards life gives me immense satisfaction with every breath I take. So here's a glimpse of how elegantly i live ..
My Proud Possession, My Birdie Nest
As visible from the pics above, you may easily guess what is my style of home decor. Yes, I'm passionate for Ethnic style because its a part of our traditions. I keep re-inventing my home decor, yet stay the same ethnic :) The CUSTOMIZED furniture, decor pieces that me and my family have

accumulated over years to give our home an amazing realization of being rooted to our culture somehow bestow me heart-warming compliments for my creative n artistic sense of utilizing the limited space in the best possible manner.

Today, I'm on the project of transition of few nooks n corners of my home from with a spirit to impress the world around ..

They say "waqt badalne me waqt hi kitna lagta hai", but when your time is glorified within a multicolored wooden frame of Marwari style, every second of the day gonna be fortunate for you. So I could not resist myself picking this Marwar Stores Painted Peacock Wall Clock to decorate the wall of my bedroom.
Marwar Stores Painted Peacock Wall Clock
In the another scroll down on the same website, I got another much needed product that I had been looking for since long. I'm quite fond of aromatic ambience, be it my home, a temple, a restaurant or wherever. I own various aroma oils and wanted a simple yet elegant oil diffuser. This ivory white ceramic Yellow Door Round Oil Burner glowing from its cutout design will not only illuminate corners of my home but of my heart too ;)
Yet another great addition to my living space that blends seamlessly together to add oodles of charm to my drawing room's interior is a set of satin Jeel Koko Maison Inc Foil Printed Cushion Cover in red with royal golden floral print. My ergonomic couch will be complimented gently with these rustic accent bold cushions :)

Its again a breath of fresh air after seeing my home looking afresh, smiling at me nad saying "Thank You for my makeover". I'm yearning to handpick few more decor pieces, but till the moment I share my next post; do send in your suggestions, inputs and your vision on how you liked the makeover.

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  1. Wow, Shilpa you are so good at home decor!! and these are some interesting pieces that you have picked up.

  2. Your home reflects your thoughts and even with the pictures I can feel the cosiness.
    Very well designed and selection of accessories is beautiful.

    1. Its a pleasure to read such lovely comments. Its really true that a home is a reflection of the homemker. so i love to do everything tastefully.

  3. I ♥ your home and how you have decorated it
    The mirror in front of the dining table is super
    I loved all photos and it gives a lovely feel of your home ♥

  4. Wow what a beautiful house I fall in love 😍😍 especially you hall and that L shape sofa gives so luxury look😊😊

  5. Wow so inspiring. I'll surely try .


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