Sunday 31 August 2014

A Glimpse of Why I Feel Myself Gorgeously Pretty

 My Health n Wellness Secrets 

The phrase "Health n Wellness" has become more of a talk-of-the-town, since the day these gyming- n-wellness centres are popping up like mushrooms in every corner of country. Regular visits to dieticians & physicians for taking long prescriptions about what to eat n what not is such common view wherever you go.

I totally agree that a wholesome diet planned as per your body's requirements should be religiously eaten without any excuse to skip any of the meals....but that doesn't really mean paying hefty amount to these professionals frequently. Neither I feel if your body is free of diseases mean you are actually healthy. Because being really HEALTHY constitutes much more than we really know about...

The major elements that make me feel fit & well-contented are: Physical (exercising n eating balance diet),  Social (contentment in relationships), Intellectual (willingness to learn), Emotional (coping up with stress in most positive manner n expressing your feelings in polite way) and most importantly Spiritual (appreciating life and having faith in Almighty)..

Actually I corealte good health with a balance between mind, body and soul where all three are working in perfect harmony (as I have drawn in this sketch of mine) ..
My posture to attain perfect wellness of body, mind n soul
Sometimes, I feel even healthier from my head-n-heart when I'm proud of the choices I make for myself n family or when I successfully strike a balance between work and rest/recreation or I give someone a reason to smile when he desperately needs it .
I can sum up saying that this ENERGISED outlook keeps me healthy over the long-term!

Real Beauty - My Real Meaning
To me 'Real Beauty' is the reflection of our inner strength. Its not about what how you see yourself in the mirror or what people constantly tell you about your appearance; but its all about how you feel n believe about yourself. The real beauty always has that extraordinary magnetism capable of pleasing one's senses. Even a dusky beauty (like mine) can be bestowed with compelling attractiveness that a person with fairer complexion lacks in him/her. 
I feel blessed with inner beauty that captivates the hearts & radiats without over-doing cosmetics. And what's more, when I trust in the fact that God loves me regardless of my outward appearance and I'm born with that spiritual potential to relate directly to Him through my spirit and not my looks; who bothers for what this world has to say :)

My opinion for

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I recommend all beautiful people to take time to visit n feel mesmerised <3

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  1. Good luck have penned it down wonderfully

    1. Thnx for the constant encouragement dear Jhilmil.

  2. Loved your definition of real beauty. Wish all women in the world were as confident as you. Congratulations on winning Shilpa :)

    1. aww, so sweet of u Khusboo. But its really a fact that the confidence in ur walk n talk makes ur look preetier indeed !!

  3. All my life I have been "Kaali" as I too am dusky.
    I love how you have embraced your skin tone and stand so confidently and proud ♥
    You are right Shilpa , beauty is much more that what meets the eye
    How we are as humans is more important


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