Thursday 26 October 2023

Elevate Your Plate: The 'I Say Organic' Journey to A Wholesome Living

“To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art.”
The above quote perfectly symbolizes the concept of organic food in modern times. Because I strongly believe that organic food is not just a trend; but a conscious choice towards a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle. Well! the necessity to eat might mean fulfilling our body's nutritional needs, but satisfying hunger is not always enough to ensure optimal health especially when we're so much into canned food, convenience food, dehydrated food, fast food, and frozen food. 
Many a times, such food is grown using synthetic fertilizers and pesticides & these chemicals might leave residues on the produce, causing several health issues in the long run.

Why to opt for organic food?
To ensure that your food is free from harmful residues and offers nutrition to your body, it's highly recommended to mindfully buy organic food items. Organic food often contains higher nutritional content compared to conventionally grown produce benefiting our overall well-being. 

Problem with procurement of organic food:
I've observed that many a times people who're willing to switch to organic produce are not able to either find it in their areas or have a limited range of products, which often becomes a limiting factor. Even in my case, lack of accessibility made it difficult for my family to consistently find and purchase the organic items we desired. And whatever we found was not feasible due to various constraints.

"I Say Organic" - do you too?
It's when I came across I Say Organic, a renowned marketplace, dedicated to the awareness, promotion and delivery of high-quality organic food items. With a commitment to providing consumers with a healthier and more sustainable alternative, I Say Organic came up as a trusted name in the domain of organic produce. By partnering with conscientious farmers and producer groups, they offer an extensive range of fresh, chemical-free, and pesticide-free food products. Their journey, rooted in the belief that safe and organic food should be easily accessible, has made them a leading advocate for a more environment friendly and health-conscious way of living. 

Glimpse of my shopping basket
As you might have assumed by now, I shopped my heart out from I say Organic from different product categories and this is how my extensive purchases look like. My order was delivered on the third day itself after placing an order and I appreciate that it was packed quite carefully to avoid the glass bottles from cracking during transit.
First of all, I picked products from organic whole foods category which includes lentils, grains, rice, millets, and more, coz they are nature's nutritional powerhouses, brimming with essential vitamins, minerals, and fiber. These unprocessed, unrefined ingredients retain all of their original goodness, making them a perfect choice for a balanced diet. 
Then I chose a few organic seeds and spices, including salts, premixes, sweeteners etc. which are a flavorful addition to any meals. My mom always says that spices are the culinary treasures that bring desired taste and aroma. So I grabbed some food staples for creating a delicious culinary experience.
Once the cooking essentials were done selection, I couldn't resist getting some delectable treats, ranging from nachos to chakli, bhujiya, chikki, mathri, and more that truly offer a delightful twist to usual snacking. Literally guiltfree snacking is another level of satisfaction with such munchies. 
Last but not the least, completed my order basket with these mouthwatering pickles and zesty sauces that are a must for families where moms need to fulfill kids' demands for weekend-special recipes.
In conclusion, I Say Organic not only brings delicious, chemical-free food to your plate but also supports an ethical approach to agriculture and food production. By supporting this brand and choosing their organic offerings, we can not just nourish our body but can also contribute to a more socially responsible food system. 
I highly recommend you all to discover the essence of wholesome and eco-friendly dining with I Say Organic's exceptional selection of organic food items.
So, the next time you wanna savor organic treats, give them a chance to serve you and be a part of a movement towards a nourishing future!


  1. Thank you for highlighting organic food. I like that it contains higher nutritional content compared to other grown produce. I can really see the benefits for our well-being with this switch.


  2. Organic foods are what I miss the most from back home in Africa. Even the African shops here are not really as good as they are back home.

  3. Organic food is all my daughter eats, and her health has really improved since doing so. I like how you highlighted organic food, and your selection of organic foods has piqued my interest to try.

  4.'ve won over my heart with the zesty sauces! It's been at least a decade since I last had one of those.

  5. I prefer organic foor, the reasons you have mentioned, the reasons are really justified. And it helps me too.

  6. I'm a huge believer in organic food. It's better for us and better for the environment. I love this!

  7. Lovely article! I appreciate your emphasis on organic food. I'm fond of its superior nutritional value in comparison to conventionally grown produce.

  8. Organic food is a different lifestyle, but also a rewarding one. For the past few months, Ive tried very hard to do away with so many processed foods. My body is starting to show results!

  9. Organic food can be a healthier option with it's higher nutritional content and no nasty chemicals. With the economy being the way it is pricing has to be reasonable to enable a wider number of people to be able to take advantage of this. It sounds like you bought a great range of items.


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