Thursday 14 March 2019

Sassy Babydoll to Snuggly Night Suits : The Best Summer Nightwears

Given the rising temperatures of the summer season, women like me are already into a spree to give our wardrobe a makeover for the season. I know many of you might be following the fashion spotlight to get your hands on something exclusive, but I'm heading to buy some incredibly soft and breathable 'nightwear' for myself. Because comfy nightwear is one of the most important pieces of clothing in a women's wardrobe. Nightwear comes in all sorts of styles, from matching pyjama sets, cami tops, sleep shirts and babydolls. Whichever style you choose, it’s crucial to pay attention to the fit and support.

Today I've rounded up the top must-have summer nightwear for women -

Flirty Babydoll:
Amp up your nightwear wardrobe with the flirty babydoll. While most babydolls are made of sheer, semi-transparent, see-through material; these are available in a range of classic silk, lycra, chiffon materials too for the ultimate bedtime comfort. With the new arrival of babydoll nightwear styles, not only the younger women but anybody and everybody can flaunt these playful, eye-catching nightwear with confidence. Just be careful to choose something that compliments your figure. A babydoll nightdress with a robe on the top is definitely a fascinating nightwear this summer.
Dreamy Shorts Set:
For the lovers of shorts, a luxurious sleep set is perfect for that modest, effortless look. One can opt for a top with ruffles and rushes in the bust line for a different look. For many of us, such nightwears actually are enough to double as basics in our everyday wardrobe. Another cool idea is to add some funky accessories and you can end up getting ready in a sassy beach costume.

Elegant Night Suit:

Be your best, most free-spirited self in this nightsuit dress made for running through a hell lot of chores without worries of changing even when you're in your nightdress till mid-noon. In fact one can wear this from dusk 'til dawn. I can skip all the laces, prints and adornments in favour of such a graceful look. 

Breezy Shirt Dress:

For those who don't like the feeling of full pyjamas in bed and aren't comfortable in shorts, a knee-length shirt dress or sleep shirt is an ideal loose-fitted piece of garment that you'd love being enveloped in those sweaty nights. Its light-weight fabric keeps the heat off. Also because of the length of shirt dresses, they beautifully expose the woman's legs. I'm particularly obsessed with shirt dresses with quirky prints and catchy quotes on them.


There’s no escaping the love for all things glamour; but whatever is your age, body type, preference or price tag, just make sure a nightwear that’s comfortable in all the right places is what your body demands. It should feel blissfully soft to the skin and should have an element of tease ;) Regardless of the fashion trends, go for fabrics that are skin-friendly. Last but not least, choose proper undergarments that hold everything in place.

Hope you’re sorted for the season!


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