Wednesday 6 March 2019

Promote Health & Hygiene Natural Way ft. Wet n Dry Personal Care

Wet & Dry Personal Care is a healthcare and wellness company born out of a passion for creating innovative health and hygiene products and solutions for the evolving consumer needs. W&D promotes health & hygiene through many brands and I got to try some of the products from them.

After trying the products for more than 3 weeks, I'm happy with the products efficacy. So here is a brandwise portfolio of the products-

The first brand under W&D is NatureSure that offers a range of 100% pure and natural products for the health, wellness and personal care of the entire family. Their products are formulated with top quality ingredients at GMP and ISO-certified manufacturing units. From NatureSure range, I received some health supplements and some oils.

Mind Shakti tablets are packed with over 100 nutrients, including 12 vitamins and minerals and nearly 80 powerful antioxidant or anti-inflammatory compounds. They also replenish all the eight essential amino acids that our body needs to grow, repair and maintain cellular health. They supply Omega-3 and Omerga-6 which are essential for the brain and body’s growth. These tablets are rich in Behenic acid, which facilitates quick absorption of nutrients in the body. With these nutrients, these tablets help to boost memory, concentration and attention.
Ganoderma Capsules are made with 100% pure Ganoderma lucidum, also known as Reishi Mushroom or LingZhi, and often called the Mushroom of Immortality. These capsules help you achieve stamina and endurance, promotes immunity. It reduces oxidative stress in the brain and elevates mood, reduces depression, stress and anxiety. These can be consumed by men and women both.
LungsPure Capsules blend ancient Ayurvedic herbs such as Vasa, Guduchi, Dhanyaka, Kantakari, Haridra, Shunthi, Bharangi and Pippali with modern Western herbs such as Pine Bark and Oregano. They remove excess congestion, heal damage caused by pollutants and smoke, detoxify and restore healthy functioning of lungs. Taking LungPure will ensure ease in breathing by reducing respiratory problems.
All these supplements come in 60 units bottles each. The packaging is light weight and is easy to carry around. None of the tablets leave any unpleasant taste in mouth. The effectiveness of any supplements usually takes a minimum of 2-4 weeks to begin to work. It also depends on the level of deficiency in a person's body. So it's advisable to patiently consume these for around 4-6 weeks to see your symptoms improving. 
Another prominent category of NatureSure products is their range of Oils. Here's what I tried:

Jonk Oil: Frankly speaking, I never heard of Jonk oil in my life before I got to receive this one. Infact I couldn't find any brand offering similar jonk oil and don't know what it is exactly made of ;) Anyhow I had to try this for the review. So before I could put it on my hair, I smelled it first and realised that the smell is not so pleasant. That means you can't apply this oil and step out, rather consider it an effective hair care therapy bottled for you to use without hassle. The oil came out easily when I shampooed my hair. And I was surprised to untangle my hair easier than always. I mean it's not a common scenario that I like something in first use. So thumbs up from my side.
Hair Growth Oil: It's a blend of pure herbs including sesame (til), bhringraj (keshraj), neeli bhringadi, mahamohi (dhatura) and trifla. It smells like an ayurveda based decoction and is not unpleasant. It spreads easily, cures dry/flaky scalp and gives deep nourishment. The regular use of Hair Growth Oil prevents occurrence of split ends and dandruff & enhances hair growth. 
Blackseed Oil: It's prepared from high-grade Nigella seeds and is totally undiluted and cold-pressed. 
It cannot only be applied topically but can be consumed orally. It's said  to help in curing breathing related issues, period pains, strengthening bones, building immunity, aiding breast milk secretion in lactating mothers.
All these oils come in 110ml bottle packed in outer cardboard box with complete details printed on them. The bottles have tiny hole piercing in the cap to take out oil without fear of spilling it off. These high quality oils are offered at pocket-friendly prices. 
Yet another brand under name of which W&D sells a unique product is NEUD.
NEUD Natural Hair Inhibitor is an advanced formula made of 100% natural ingredients and plant extracts. It smells floral and is absolutely safe for all skin types. The product comes in a pump dispenser bottle of glass which I don't consider travel-friendly. The product has to be applied like a usual lotion on hair-free skin twice a day. Once massaged properly, it penetrates to the level of hair follicle sac, targets the roots of hair shaft and internally deactivates the hair bulb activities responsible for hair growth. It results in restricted growth of unwanted body hair. It's a painless method for getting rid of unwanted body hair on face, chin, underarms, bikini area or any other body parts. It can be used by both men and women to reduce hair growth of unwanted body hair.
P.S. All the products vary in performance person to person and might take longer than expected to show results.

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