Thursday 7 February 2019

Aromatic Gifts For Your Lover This Valentine's Day

Adding up to our fragrance collection has become a tradition in my house. Every two months or so, me and hubby start looking for new perfumes for ourselves. The result is a beautifully curated set of different fragrances in form of deodorants, perfumes, roll ons in our stash now. 

While I was excitedly planning for some interesting gifts for my guy, I couldn't rule out picking a sexy scent for him. Because just like smelling good with a nice perfume is one of the easiest way to attract others to you, the same stands true when you gift a good perfume to your loved ones. So I got two variants of Eau de Toilette from Oriflame i.e. THE ONE Disguise and Intense Oud Eau de Toilette so that I may recommend something for males and females both & here is our experience with the irresistible fragrances we tested. 
THE ONE Disguise Eau de Toilette: All eyes have fallen on you – now take them on a journey. 
Choosing this fragrance will define the signature of your complete fashion look. A bold and powerful Eau de Parfum bursting with vibrant and sophisticated gourmand notes that leave you feeling transformed and irresistible. All beautifully encased in a bottle that demands a closer look.

THE ONE Disguise is a feminine fragrance that opens on the crispy accents of Rhubarb and Mandarin enveloped by a delicate touch of rose bud. The floral heart of tuberose and violet is coloured by juicy, acidulous red berry notes of the glossy raspberry before descending in the refined warmth of patchouli, tonka bean and vanilla.

Key fragrance notes: Rose Bud, Glossy Raspberry, Vanilla.
Top: Rhubarb, Mandarin, Rose Bud
Heart: Tuberose, Glossy Raspberry, Violet
Base: Patchouli, Vanilla, Tonka bean

It's unique and vibrant accents colour the feminine heart to reveal a sophisticated and sassy aura. A real attention-grabber for those who dare to challenge how they are perceived by others. Gifting this super-luxe bottle to your lady love definitely puts you in better odds of surprising her on the day of love. I personally liked the richness, and intensity of this scent that suits my elegant personality. It lasts for long hours and keeps you energised.

Intense Oud  Eau de Toilette:
Intense Oud is a heady, masculine fragrance by Oriflame. The scent was launched in 2018.

This fragrance captures the richness of Oud Wood notes. This is a scent that accentuates inner strength.
Top Notes: Grapefruit, Saffron, Rosewood
Heart Notes: Guaiac wood, Vetiver
Base notes: Oud

A bouquet of roses, stylish clothing and essential accessories.. If all these fail, the best gift for your loved one is the fragrance that will please him like anything. The warmth of an Oud based scent will make your partner feel special and will make him remember you every time someone compliments him for smelling fine. Wearing Intense Oud is ideal during the evening or as a winter scent, but that should not stop the gentlemen flaunting this woody fragrance anytime anywhere. Mr. Hubby is so much in love with oudh fragrances that he call it's a charismatic way to uplift his mood. He prefers wearing it for all occasions when he wants to make an impression. So is the sensuality of this aroma.

THE ONE Disguise and Intense Oud Eau de Toilette, both fragrances are the worthy candidates of being a perfect gift that would amplify the depth of your love for your lover.

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