Tuesday 18 July 2017

Oriflame Memories Women Fragrances Review

Amongst the new product launches by one of my favourite cosmetic brand Oriflame, I saw some new women fragrances listed on their catalogue under the label 'Memories'.  

The Memories range of fragrances has got three variants to offer that are beautifully called as Chasing Butterflies, Day Dreaming in A Hammock and Flirting Under the Fireworks.

I bet you must be loving the catchy names. Isn't it so melodious to hear?? Uttering such lovely names of these fragrances instantly makes you start visualizing the scenario in your fancies. I'm lovin' it. ;)

I received two variants i.e. Day Dreaming in A Hammock and Flirting Under the Fireworks due to unavailability of Chasing Butterflies. 
The colour-coded packaging of fragrances is quickly identifiable. The outer cardboard box of each of the fragrances have graphic image synonymous to the fragrance name. 
The fragrances look glorious in delightful glass bottles. The variant name has been labeled at the bottom of bottles. Wish it were printed on the rear of the bottles. The packaging size of 30 ml each makes the bottles easy to carry around. 
Day Dreaming in A Hammock 
The blissful relaxation of a sunny tropical beach is captured perfectly in this dreamy floral-watery fragrance. Sensual frangipani on the breeze, kissed by the delicate ocean scent of cascalone and the indulgent warm embrace of fresh coconut milk.

In my first few uses, I presumed this perfume is not my type. I felt the whiffs of coconut milk bit unfavoured. But the way it settles on my smelling senses after an hour or so, I started adoring it gradually. Frangipani, being a preferred note in my fragrances, made this fragrance truly elegant and enchanting. I'm sure this will be my office-wear staple for many days or may be until I get another equally delicious perfume. 
Flirting Under the Fireworks
Discover the alluring excitement of a romantic encounter in this oriental-vanillic-fruity fragrance. Tempting tender apricot with a captivating heart of white rose and passionate, addictive trail of sweet praline will sweep you off your feet and leave you wanting more.

This fragrance boasts of Top note in Apricot; middle note in White Rose and base note in Praline. I find this composition quite feminine and velvety. With more of a sweeter tone, it opens to a floral note which I specially enjoy in this sultry weather. I prefer wearing my fragrances on clothes, so it lasts longer than when someone wears on skin directly. It'll win your votes if you like smelling soft all the day long that uplifts your mood. A fragrance as good as this rosy one can certainly complete your nightouts dressing, just don't forget to shine and sparkle. :)
Can't resist to buy, order at INR 1099 each.


  1. both names sound so nice
    have never used Oriflame perfumes
    these are a must buy after reading your description

    1. I've used many of those and I swear each of those are excellent. Do try.

  2. Chasing butterflies <3 name itself is so pretty
    all perfumes are so affordable
    I use Avon ones
    As soon as it gets over I'm buying these

  3. The packaging looks so pretty. And they are affordable as well. Nice review.

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  4. Wow, dekhna padega in perfumes ko...kal hi bolti hu meri frnd ko ki le kar aaye 😊


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