Sunday 9 July 2017

Jolen Crème Hair Remover Review - (Sandal for Dry Skin)


Today's post is a product review for Jolen Crème Hair Remover.
Product claims:
Jolen Hair Remover is just 3 Minutes formula. It removes unwanted body hair from the follicle bulb, leaving the skin baby soft, silky & beautiful while forming a protective natural barrier. The goodness of Olive oil & Shea butter have been specially added to it for their beneficial properties on the skin.
Jolen Crème Hair Remover comes in normal tube packaging placed inside a cardboard box. It's is a light-weight packaging and can be taken along even in the handbag. A good quality plastic spatula also comes along in the pack to help you spread and remove the creme during the process.
There are 3 variants available in this product i.e. lemon, rose and sandal. I chose the Sandal variant, not for the fragrance but for its suitability for dry skin type. It's a pale peachy coloured cream. The consistency is like a usual cream that's not so thick. It spreads on skin like a dream.
The product boasts of sandal fragrance, but I somehow didn't find its smell very close to sandal. It's not intolerably bothersome, but I didn't enjoy it while the cream rests on my skin.
The hair under the cream start shrinking in 3-4 minutes, but that depends on how coarse and thick hair one has. Moving the spatula in reverse direction of hair growth lets you easily remove the product.
The cream removed the hair completely from the area I covered with the product i.e. my legs. After the skin is cleaned off the product using spatula, I gave my skin a good rinse with plain water to remove any residue of product else my skin itches. The skin feels smooth as expected, but I could still smell the faint fragrance. It's recommended to use a good bodywash, if you wish to get rid of the fragrance immediately.

The Jolen Crème Hair Remover is priced at Rs 70 for 50 gms pack, but I got the pack with 20% extra offer. (available here). I ended up finishing almost half the quantity in one use for my legs, so it's so economical than a salon visit for similar service. 
Remember to tightly close the tube after using once else the product efficacy might be affected and it may not work as good next time.

For a closer look at the product composition, refer the image below -
Now talking about how long the product effectively lasts... my body hair is quite thin a, short and light; so for me I won't need reusing the hair remover on the same area earlier than 10-12 days.

Have you used any of Jolen Hair Remover Cremes? Which fragrances you liked the most?


  1. Nice n cute packaging , product bhi accha hai )
    Thanks for detailed review 👍👍

  2. When I think Jolen I think bleaching cream. Good to know that they have hair remover creams as well.


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