Wednesday 5 April 2017

NELF Kissproof Professional Lip Color Review

Nelf Cosmetics,one of the fastest growing cosmetic company in India, is coming up with its new HD (High Definition) product range shortly. This HD range will offer products for full face makeup including face, eyes and lips :) Out of this 'to-be-introduced' cosmetics range, Nelf sent me two products for review.

Today, I'm up with a review on their Kissproof Professional Lip Color.
This lipcolor is a actually a liquid formula which are in-vogue these days. It comes in a cylindrical glass bottle that is transparent and the color identity is evident from outside. There is an easy-to-use applicator attached to the screw cap that lets you fill the lips. The glass bottle further is contained in a black cardboard box on which price label, mfg date and shade number is mentioned. The ingredients list is missing from bottle as well as the outer carton.
The lipcolor has a creamy texture that spreads effortlessly on lips using the applicator. While my first application, I expected it to be sticky. But it feels lightweight on lips. Give it a few minutes, and you'll be amazed to see how magically the lipcolor sets to a complete natural matte finish. I mean, I was really surprised to see the transformation. A full-coverage pigmentation is another plus for this product, requires no layering up to build color.
Talking about the shade of lipcolor, this one (no. 101) is a nude shade which doesn't compliment my skin a lot. probably, it's because I don't wear any makeup on my face. But I recommend creating a bold nude lip statement to balance a sultry or smoky eye look for those who master eye-makeup ;) I blend/layer nude lipcolor with a bolder one so as to suit my dusky complexion.
Now comes the most amazing thing, this lipcolor that claims to be Kissproof actually lasts really long despite being a silky liquid formula. I had my usual intake of water and tea etc during the day, but it didn't come off or fade. Yeah! I kissed my boy with his permission (who ensure No Lippie on my lips) and it didn't transfer :)
Highly recommend for its long wearing capability (specially when you don't have time for frequent touch ups)
For a price tag of INR 450 (will be available on Nelf website soon), the lipcolor works to the precision of a Professional. My only wish is to own some other shades that may brighten my skin tone.


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