Sunday 23 April 2017

Infuse Your Home With Elusive Aroma ft. MKC Diffusers

Probably no one can resist a 'good' smell, at least I cannot. When I ponder so much about the fragrance I wear on my body, isn't it obvious to catch on the equal endeavour to fill my home with irresistible aroma too. Well! my current obsession while building up a collection of aromatic product for our new home includes the Siddharth by MKC Reed Diffusers. Sounds like a new name?? Lemme introduce the brand...

Brand Info:
Every space needs a little something more. To give your personal haven that sensory upgrade, Siddharth by MKC brings their selection of aromatic fragrances which brings the essence of the choicest ingredients for that invigorating experience. Siddharth by MKC is where retail therapy meets ethical, cultural and aesthetic values. All the indulgence, none of the guilt.

To begin with, the MKC diffusers come in 'classy' packaging. The moment you open the box, you're 'in' for a visual and sensory treat for sure. A delightful fragrance and the octagonal diffuser bottle placed against a floral cutout will win your heart in the first sight. The box looks no less than a sophisticated gift-set.

Each of the MKC Diffuser box contains a clear glass decanter (bottle) filled with aromatic diffuser oil and 9 reed sticks. The cork fixed on the neck of the decanter keeps the fragrance intact until you start using it. I liked the little cards hanging next to the bottle that clearly reads the descriptors of fragrance that you smell upon using the diffusers.

These diffusers are easy to use, as you just need to place the reed sticks in the bottle so that it starts absorbing the aromatic oil. After a while, simply flip the sticks so that the dry side of the sticks is now immersed in the bottle while the wet side is up to naturally spread the fragrance into the air. This practice can be repeated as and when you wish to boost the intensity of fragrance and experience a luxurious atmosphere around you.

I received two of many available variants in Carnal and Ittar fragrances.
Invigorating freshness spiked with white musk and precious woods. It is a modern scent that evokes power.
Top notes: Bergamot, Lemon
Heart notes: Lavender, Precious Woods
Base notes: White musk, Sandalwood
An ode to Jasmine Ittar - the favorite perfume of the Nizams of Hyderabad.
Top notes: Jasmine, Orange Blossom
Heart notes: Sweet Pea, Rose, Oakmoss
Base notes: Musk, Woody, Cinnamon
If you are looking for something convenient and practical to spread subtle, continuous fragrance throughout your place, then a diffuser might well suit you better than any other options like aroma candles or room sprays. 

I like using diffusers as these are a better and exciting alternative to aroma candles for the reason that I need not to keep an eye on burning candles while deciding an apt corner to keep a lit candle in my house and there is no melted wax spilled behind. I don't even need to use a burner to heat up the oils, the reed sticks do the job. These are absolutely handy if you prefer a unadulterated and long-lasting scent in your cozy abode.

Both the fragrances that I used are genuinely relaxing to welcome me back home after a tiring day. I've been a fan of woody aromas of late and the subtly evocative Carnal diffuser with a blend of Bergamot and precious woods makes me feel peaceful at heart. On the other hand, Ittar diffuser has gently sweet and refreshing Jasmine scent perfect for the season. The diffuser oil used in all MKC diffusers is alcohol-free to offer us a pure sensory pleasure. Without being overwhelming to senses, these perfectly balanced scents are elegantly comfortable to smell.
The brand presents a decent range of diffusers variants to appease you with captivating aromas like Oak, Mist, Dew, Nectar and Velvet. Order your preferred aroma at Rs. 1100/- each. And when you make a purchase, you feel glad that the brand contributes a share of every purchase towards funding for health and education of underprivileged.
These diffusers are not basically ornamental, but with their attractive shape and golden etching, they certainly make a stunning focal point for any room's decor. It also makes a lovely gift for your loved ones to leave a lasting impression.
I strongly recommend to use MKC diffusers in almost every environment including your home, workplace, hotel room or any personal space to promote holistic wellness with these aromatic products and discover the transformative power of essential oils used in its fine blends.


  1. I do love my home to smell nice, so I'll check these out. With two cats, sometimes our home can smell like a cat box, and I hate that.

  2. I would love to try the pergamont one! I love the smell and the freshness of this fruit!

  3. Thanks for letting me know about the brand. Do they also do car fragrances.

  4. It seems like diffusers are becoming more and more popular nowadays. They have always looked interesting to me, but you have inspired me to try! Not only is the smell probably amazinggg but they look so beautiful and elegant. Thanks for sharing!

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  7. I have used some great diffusers before as they are very effective. And these one's look very beautiful. I will have to try them out.

  8. MKC has done a wonderful job with these diffusers. I particularly love the cool packaging and the prices are affordable, too

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  10. They look so gorgeous, i like it when my home smells nice and floral.

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  13. I love having my home smell nice. I like floral scents with a little vanilla in them.

  14. Being a trader in Perfumes and it's raw materials I have always had the privilege of being surrounded by various amazing products, and love having diffusers as they help in maintaining the pleasant aroma at home :D

  15. Looks like a great product! Diffusers really make a difference to my mood! Keep it up!

  16. This sounds like a great little product. I am also a fan of the scent Bergamot. Diffusers are becoming quite popular and a great way to make a home smell amazing.


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