Monday 30 June 2014

Miraya and Baggout trim Nani's 'Whole Nine Yards' Shorter ;)

Baggout's Blogging contest
P.S. This post is being written for ongoing blogging contest and is purely a fictional work with no intention to hurt anybody's sentiments.
It is such a GRAND thing to be the mother of a mother - 
that is why the world calls her a "GRANDMOTHER" ...
I bet every granny must be feeling privileged reading this cute, yet meaningful expression :)

The same stands true for Sonia Gandhi Ji too. Sonia ji, pretty fond of her grand daughter Miraya, feels proud pulling out leisurely moments from her packed schedule to spend special time of uninterrupted play and talk with her darling princess. The fascinating bond of these two lovely ladies with each other always gives them a feeling of 'undivided attention' and 'pure endearment'.

Like all grandchildren love hearing stories of good old days of what their grand-parents were like when they were little, Miraya has been no exception to that... For her, every summer vacation spent at nani's place has those curious, chirpy, dreamy moments at night when nani opens her virtual storybook and reads her li'l princess soulful fun stories or sings songs. Miraya too loves holding treasure troves of happy memories passing down their family heritage to her generation by Nani close to her heart.

That day, wandering from this room to that.... feeling bored with nothing much to do, Miraya thought of glancing at nani's old photo album kept on the top shelf, which she never had seen. Flipping through just few of those B&W pics only, Miraya was like "OMG, nani looked no less than a charming film star in these lovely outfits !!! "
 Suddenly, her HOTS (high order thinking skills) lightened the bulb of her creative thinking to make her day worth memorable (*wink wink) .... she quietly catwalked to nani's studyroom where her workstation (a latest PC with all facilities to get connected the the world) was set up and got it powered boost. She knew exactly how to execute her plan ... In her browser window, she quickly typed (the name of the online shopping buzzword which she overheard about from her school teacher recently)

Miraya kept smiling-n-talking to herself "I'd not ever imagined myself exploring this whole sea-full of exciting deals n offers on so soon, but i think its high time now to dive in to discover something unparallel.."

woah!!  The shopping extravaganza welcomed her to take a walk through many popular websites like Flipkart, Myntra, Jabong on a central platform that she knew till then from TV commercials only ...

She fanatically logged in and was mesmerized by the divalicious collection of products available, best suited for people of all age groups, physical appearance or even varying budgets... The cool accessories (bags, footwear, eyewear, jewelery, makeup, watches nd what not) to go with every outfit with such vast variety had been showcased so gracefully on the site.... And there she started handpicking those thoughtful gifts for her nani by clicking on WOMEN tab on the top of page...

Nope, it was not that easy as she expected it to be...  the choices were so pleasant to the eyes that she didn't realize spending almost 3 hours or so, when she looked up at the wall clock after zeroing on some classy stuff...

Hey, but that's not the end of all the fun n frolic here...
As she decided to go through the fine details of products before placing an order, a new term "Cashback" caught her attention ... Now what the hell does it mean here ??     Digging in more deeply, Miraya discovered another fantabulous "icing on the cake" kinda feature that has been generous enough to share a part of its earning from online retailers with the shoppers in the form of cashback that gets credited to shopper's A/c.  

Oh My My!!   It felt just heavenly getting every desired products from any shopping portal right here sitting on my comfy couch and also getting rewarded for that ;)  I could see myself as a lifetime customer of Baggout as i grow up ...  Aaha !!

Few days later, Miraya was now ready with her pristine expressions and a considerably strong script in her mind ...   Stepping in the room where Sonia Ji had been busy in some work, Miraya touched her chin gently to have eye contact before she could actually start expressing her wish in a lighter mood ...  
then she continued "Nani, I always admire your
style quotient that speaks volumes on how elegantly you drape yourself in pretty sarees and your personality is beaming with the fervour of being drenched in 'Indianness'.  I have got a surprise for you today .... Come with me & you will surely love it..." 

Stepping in the studyroom with nani holding her hand, Miraya tilted the computer screen towards Nani showing her the exact replica of the tunics/kurtis that she had worn years ago when she had just got married..... Miraya could observe nani's moistened eyes behind her spectackles and her emotions chocking up her throat with unuttered words of nostalgia.... Miraya continued saying "I know how much it matters to keepsake the things of such sentimental values with us, so i have already ordered these dresses for you to wear the warmth of your love around you. I hope you like this token of my respect for you and please accept my wish to wear these dresses ..."

Sonia Ji was touched by the thoughtfulness and selfless love of her li'l princess and didn't want to leave her heart broken. So she nodded 'YES' and hugged Miraya lovingly and could say "My princess, you filled a place in my heart that even I didn't know was empty" <3

And the li'l princess had one more pleasant word to share with Nani, when she giggled and said "Nani, and you know I also got a decent dress for Veera (their cook's daughter) with the Cashback money I saved that you were wanting to gift her on her engagement coming week.."

Nani's joy knew no bounds and she could just  silently thank Baggout for discovering a newer n transformed version of her persona !!



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