Monday 30 June 2014

Influence of a Good Teacher

I sincerely feel that teachers are those great souls, who inspite of being TEACHERS, turn to be our second parents in a certain way... They mould our lives in most constructive shape n direct us to the best possible track towards success in life.

Though i owe my success to all of my teachers but there is a person who has been my role model since the day I came into her contact....

Of all the things that my English teacher Ms. Swastika Gautam taught me, I've been most grateful to her for fuelling in me that needed love for education..

because this thirst for knowledge was the only reason that i never tried to soak it all up in me, and she was there to spontaneously ponder her innovative ideas to make me learn the hardest topic in simplest manner at such a tender age.

My golden schooling experience had been so fulfilling, enriching n bursting with enthusiasm only due to her passion for instilling every single virtue in me like patience, humbleness and empathy.

I feel myself ‘oh so lucky’ to have her as a stand-out founder of my personality. She left such a positive imprint on my memories and heart that will never fade n will keep me going forever when I'm proudly following her footprints with similar vivacious spirit being a well-groomed teacher now.

I really owe the best traits in my profession to Swastika Ma'am like being affectionate, thoughtful, providing a non-threatening n welcoming environment to my students. She deserves to be one of the most fabulous woman I came across ever.

I agree that a teacher affects eternity. He can never tell where his influence stops. A teacher is indeed influential in moulding the destiny of a child. To express their deep devotion and reverence in my life, I wud simply say-

T - Trust they build in our relationship gives meaning to our life....
E - Endearing students' self-esteem that pumps confidence in each of our actions...
A - Amalgamation of Liberal and Rational Approach...
C - Correcting our mistakes and not concealing them ever...
H - Heart of pure gold always beating n praying for betterment of students..
E - Evolving a delicate brain into mastermind of own sphere..
R - Rarest of GEM that can never be bought or sold for any monetary value ...
Lets show our gratitude to our teachers !!

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