Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Go For Gaming Glory of Fantasy Cricket

"In India, Cricket is followed much like a religion." The statement certainly rings true for every Indian household including mine. Every member of my family is bitten by the gaming bug so badly that we always daydream to partake the game ourselves. With our increased appetite for playing fantasy cricket, we usually find amusement in digital gaming for its innate adventure and intensity.
The fad for online gaming is swelling bigger every passing day due to its easy access to seamless gameplay, user-friendly controls and fine strategic lines. In fact, the realism of the design of such games can tickle anybody's fancy to play different kinds of games on their PCs, smartphones, tablets, play stations or any other portable gaming devices.

During one of the get-together at our place a few months back, a friend of ours introduced us to Dream11, a popular fantasy sports platform based in India to play varied sports online like fantasy cricket, hockey, football, kabaddi and basketball games. Obviously, we were a euphoric lot to find the right place to utilise our sports knowledge somewhere in return of 'rewards'. ;)

How to play?
At Dream11, you can create your own Virtual Team made up of real players for an upcoming match within a maximum budget of 100 credits. Here you should exercise your inner instinct to wisely choose Captain, Vice Captain, Batsmen, Bowlers, Wicket-keeper, and All-rounders; because your team earns points based on the performance of these players in real matches. You can make as many changes to your Dream11 teams as you like until the deadline of that match. Remember, playing such games involves considerable skill, superior game knowledge, attention and ability to predict.

Rewards & Redemption:
Once the match begins, keep an eye on regular updates on fantasy scorecard to track your team's performance. The winning team is entitled to take home 'real cash' on winning :) 

The winning payout is promptly processed and credited to the user's account. The most amazing thing is that no processing fee is deducted from the money earned as winnings through any cash leagues when you want to withdraw it. Just a One Time Account Verification is mandated for the first time during the withdrawal process.

If you're excited all the way to challenge your gaming skills, register yourselves on Dream11 using a valid email id or instantly connect your Facebook or Google account. 

I bet gaming on-the-go has never been so rewarding. It's high time to beat your boring hours with action-packed online fantasy sports. So invite your friends and start to Play Now .

When played in moderation without making it an addiction, playing online games also brings about a gamut of benefits to the passionate players who are keen to uncover fun challenges in the game and brush up their skills. The players develop a focused approach to the assigned task with the more concentrated brain and reap the benefits in day-to-day life chores too. Frankly speaking, whatever game you play, every format of this sport takes you through unmatched thrill that you’ll really enjoy experiencing. 

P.S. Dream11, as a gaming company, has been provided legality by the court for its operations and it shouldn’t be considered any sort of betting.

Cheers to all Cricket enthusiasts to play confident and beat your last score!