Thursday, 19 October 2017

Desi Festive Punch For Diwali feat. Triveni Ethnics

Festivals bring you an array of attires in the styles that are synonymous to passion for life. You may go bold with gloriously embellished ethnics or may choose to wear chic Indo-western to make a festive fashion statement. I personally favour an elegant ethnic outfit on all special ocassions that makes me feel special in a way that I don't dress up every day.

This Diwali, I've got myself a beautiful floor-length anarkali in striking skyblue color. I know Sarees are timeless, but I made my selection for so many reasons...

The foremost reason to select it is the embroidered bodice of the outfit that reflects the master craftsmanship and perfectly complements the plain fabric. I simply couldn't take my eyes off the intricate work done in floral motifs with sheer graceful combination.

This floor length anarkali is the ideal choice for females like me who like to keep their dressing simple and suave without compromising on fashion sense. Made from georgette fabric, it's so easy to carry off and extremely comfortable while you're busy in the hustle-bustle of the festival.

The flowing fabric seamlessly conceals the flaws of certain body shape and gives the wearer a majestic and imperial appearance. I, being more on slimmer side, feel and look fuller due to its flares starting from waist line. And it definitely boosts my self-confidence when in public. 
As an anarkali, the outfit is paired with a matching santoon bottom and contrasting dupatta. But the suave and sleek outfit has a touch of western appeal to it and can rock formal parties and informal occasions as a gown ditching the lower n dupatta. Isn't it perfect when you have to hop from puja to office gathering ;)

The key is to accessorize right to amp up the sensuousness of the outfit. Don't feel shy to experiment with fierce makeup at times because life is too short to look same everyday. :)
And to show off some mandatory selfies ;)

Now, if you want a similar ethereal outfit for yourself, but are too tired to go to shopping; checkout all such lovely dressed at brimming deals on my favourite website and buy yourself some 'happiness'.
Wishing Everyone A Happy & Prsoperous Diwali!!

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

ITIS Plus Care Eye Drops Review

Happy Diwali to all my lovely readers!!

Though Diwali is the most dazzling festival in the country, it also comes with its cons. Fireworks account for thousands of emergency room visits each year during the festival. The eyes are the second-most common affected area after hands and fingers. The major cause of eye infections and injuries on Diwali is the pollution caused due to lighting of firecrackers. The pollution causes havoc on eyes which are exposed to the polluted gases during this season, leading to several eye infections and disorders.

ITIS Plus Care, one of the recent offerings by Ozone Pharmaceuticals, is one such eye care solution that will keep your eyes clean and safe. It's a herbal nutritional eye lubricant that is a powerful antibacterial, non-irritating sterile solution, protecting against Tear Film loss, while relieving dry, irritated eyes. 
It comes in a small cardboard box within which the little eyedrops bottle is kept. Every detail including product composition, price, dosage etc. is printed on the outer box and bottle. You need to pierce the bottle to start using it.
The herbal ingredients of the eye drop include Honey, Gulabjal, Haridra, Nimba, Vibhitaki, Amalaki, Rasount, Haritaki, Mamira, Tulsi Patra, Pudina, Kapoor. 
Price: Rs. 94/- for 10 ml.
Shelf life: 3 yrs.
My experience:
ITIS Plus Care is not recommended to treat any disease for eyes, but can be used by anyone who need to relieve stresses eyes due to excessive screen time, either for entertainment or work purposes. There may be numerous reasons of experiencing itching, dryness or irritation in your eyes. In my case, I scratch and rub my eyes a lot. The problem gets worse in harvesting season when there are more pollutants in the air. My mom has advised me to use medicated eyedrops hundred times, but I never did because the idea of putting something in my eyes always scared me. Thanks to this review opportunity that I started using ITIS Plus Care a few days back. What helped me using the product regularly is that it doesn't sting my eyes. It gives a gentle and cool feel for a few seconds. Being a computer professional and a blogger, I spend most of the time of my day on my laptop or phone. My tired eyes feel comfortable as I use it every night.
The best part is that if you need to use eyedrops for your children for any reason like after they feel uncomfortable in eyes after bursting crackers on Diwali, this product is safe to clean their eyes off any irritants. I have probably heard of a herbal eye-care product for the first time that can be used to relax n lubricate eyes of complete family without worrying of any side-effects.

Friday, 13 October 2017

7 Ways to Ensure You Enjoy Your Diwali

Diwali is all about celebrations, happiness and a perfect time to enjoy with your loved ones. No matter what your age is, no one can escape from the merriment of the festival. To keep the celebratory spirit alive this year and always, we bring you the interesting ways to make your Diwali more enjoyable..

Forget your Calorie Count for A Day:
Delicious sweets are the best of perks that this festival has to offer ;) Be it your relatives, friends, colleagues or neighbours; you would love the smile on those faces when you exchange a box of sweets with them. And this smile gets really broader when you offer homemade sweets and savories to your dear ones. Obviously, who doesn't appreciate the effort gone into preparing tasty delicacies made with love in our hygienic kitchen and show your concern by preparing some exclusive sugar-free recipes too that won't make you feel guilty of disturbing your calorie intake.
Revamp Your Home Decor:
A spotless house is definite way to welcome Diwali under the clean air. Not just cleaning the house should be one of the mandatory rituals, but create a fresher ambiance for your home by re-arranging the furniture, switching to colourful curtains, cushion covers and bed covers. Getting your house decorated with flower arrangement is probably the best way to show your happiness.
Pass On Old Stuff To Charity:
After a thorough makeover of your house, you certainly find couple of old items that you won't like to use again. Instead of piling it up for some more years, it would be a noble gesture to donate such items to less-fortunate people who might utilize those to optimum usage. Go ahead inviting your neighbours or colleagues to initiate a 'donation drive' and collect few items each to pass on to some NGOs. I bet no joy can compare to the contentment of helping the needy ones.
Create the things you wish existed:
Diwali is indeed the most favourable time to show your talent to everyone. Start planning in advance what you want to gift to others, how you want to decorate your space and what all material is available with you. Invest some quality time thinking what would be the most appropriate gift for others and start carving beautiful creations of your own. Welcoming guests with colourful motifs of Rangoli at the entrance of your house is one of the popular ways to exhibit your knack for creativity.
Gift A Smile To Someone:
We all get so many boxes of sweets from our dear ones every year on Diwali!! This time, stack up extra packs of eatables, go out and distribute it to those didn't expect it ... like your society's watchmen or guards, your driver or your housemaid. Do not hesitate inviting them to join you in your firecracker session to brighten up their day. While you go out enjoying Diwali outdoors, just ensure your family stay protected from bugs and mosquitoes. Being a mother, I'm always worried for my child's protection when he is outdoors. And because of this festive season, he is spending most of his leisurely time playing all around leaving me more stressed. All thanks to my neighbouring friend, who introduced me to a 100% natural, outdoor repellent from Good knight Fabric Roll-On which is the perfect blend of Eucalyptus and Citronella Oil and does not have contact with the skin. When I learnt that the product is child-safe too, I decided to give it a try. It is the easiest way to stay protected from mosquitoes outdoors. Simply apply 4 dots on your child's clothes before he/she steps out and help him stay protected from mosquitoes for long hours. I'm so relieved that in my absence also, there is something that is protecting my child.
Be Easy on Noise:
Triumph of light over darkness is so gracefully achieved on the Diwali night when we all light up our house and locality with earthen diyas and candles. But do not let the 'festival of lights' turn into a 'festival of noise'. Pollution reaches a new level every Diwali, so make a pledge to burst less number of firecrackers this year and do something good for environment.
Glorify the Festival:
After the entire splurge, house makeover and socializing with friends; it's a good way to end the day on a positive note. This Diwali, go an extra mile by paying a visit to underprivileged people at nearby orphanage or old age home to add fervour to someone's life who deserves to be equally happy on the festival. A small action of love is indeed the most heart-touching way to make a big difference to someone's lives.
Well! that's the time to boost your festive spirits with enthusiasm. So let's bring a novelty in our traditional celebration this year by taking away darkness from someone’s life and end all things negative, coz the world needs more of happiness around :)

Wishing all my readers a Happy and Prosperous Diwali!

Sunday, 8 October 2017

Oriflame Body Sprays Review-Love Potion, Rebel, Tenderly

Nobody wants to smell awful in public. Thank goodness for the countless options in fragrances, the task of keeping oneself smelling good is so much easier. Today's post talks about inexpensive body sprays from Oriflame that actually guarantee you will smell good. The reason why I'm reviewing more than one at a time is to recommend these according to the occasion it can be be worn for.
Tenderly, a girly pink coloured packaging gives me instant feminine feel. And when sprayed, it's a mild floral, fruity fragrance. It perfectly fits for an everyday office wear scent. The fragrance lingers on for 4-5 hours that is moderately long duration. It's ideal for wearing on occasions that call for fragrance that stays close to the skin and doesn't invite too much attention.
Love Potion body spray comes in the love-laced print in symbolic red with a hint of black. It's a sensuous scent that lives upto it's name to ignite feelings of love and passion ;) This scent radiates  around the wearer for fairly enough duration and the need to reapply rarely arises. Anyone who is partial towards powerful scents may go for it.
Rebel, the spray in a bold mauve coloured container sounds too catchy to me ;) It's a masculine kind of scent; but somehow this one happened to be my favourite among all three tested. It's intensity makes it last longer than other two and it fades quite slowly. Don't hesitate to confidently wear this alluring fragrance to an evening dance party. Just ensure to wear it in moderate amount because applying too much of a strong scent can be off-putting for others.
Each of the body sprays is available at Rs. 249 and weighs 75ml which I consider a lesser quantity than other brands, but the quality makes up for the price. One can liberally apply the body sprays that double up as deoderants too.

Saturday, 7 October 2017

Trendsetter Gifts from Tupperware #one4everyone

Diwali is the most appropriate opportunity to celebrate our relationships with closest buddies. The festival brings loads of excitement as I start planning for gifts for my friends and relatiaves, but my excitement usually turns into anxiety when it comes time to pick out the perfect gift for everyone's liking. I always make a point to choose a gift of utility that are practical and appreciated.

This Diwali, ditch those clichéd gifts and show your love by surprising everyone with fully functional Tupperware products. I received a giftpack from the brand containing 2 Illumina Bowls and a set of Sip-n-Shine Celebration Bottles few days back and I thought of showing off ;) 

Illumina Bowls came in a cute potli bag. These are beautifully printed containers with lids and are available in many colours. 
These are ideal to carry cut fruits or salads to office like I am using these now a days. You may also refrigerate mixed dough, leftover food or any gravy item in these bowls without worry of spilling because its classic airtight and liquid tight seal will ensure that food remains odorfree and doesn't leak. 
The best things about Illumina Bowls is that they stack-up one above the another with tight locking and are great space-savers.
Another cute pack contained a set of 4 colurful square bottles with quirky phrases "Let's Celebrate ...." printed on each of those. 
The bottles are leakproof, BPA free, microwave safe & Dishwasher safe. The small size of the bottles (i.e. 500 ml) makes it ideal to carry one in your handbag while you are out or to send it with your child's tiffin to school.
The brand has vast variety of safe, innovative, premium-quality products manufactured using advanced technology to ensure quality and performance. So, choose a specialty one to compliment your already stocked kitchen or to express your love to dear ones this festive season because there is #one4everyone. You'll not only shower them with love, but will be giving a gift that helps them get their lives off to a healthy start.:)

Thursday, 5 October 2017

Kaya CC+ Complexion Perfector Cream Review

Kaya brings forth this Complexion Perfector Cream that will blur imperfections and lend you a naturally good looking skin. Promising an instant glow, this cream with SPF 25 will shield your skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays and other free radicals. Regular use of this cream will bring back natural glow and work perfectly on uneven skin tone. This cream weighs 30ml and is priced at Rs. 990/-. 
Aqua, Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate (and) Butyl Methoxydibenzoylmethane (and) Benzophenone-3 (and) Phospholipids (and) 1,3-Butylene Glycol, Glycerol Stearate (and) PEG-100 Stearate, Dicaprylyl Carbonate, Titanium dioxide (and) Aluminum hydroxide (and) Dimethicone, Imperata cylindrica Extract, Niacinamide, Phenoxyethanol, Pisum sativum [Pea] Extract, Carbomer, CI 77491, CI 77492, CI 77499.

Kaya Complexion Perfector Cream is acronymed as CC+ that referes to Cover Correct+. It comes in a really nice black n golden bottle that is sleek for your easy grip. In the first instance, I took it as a tube due to its appearance, but is actually a hard n sturdy dispenser bottle. The packaging looks tall to look at, but is light-weight and easy to carry around since it weighs just 30 ml.
The pump dispenser work absolutely smooth and gives out the product without struggle and excess pressure. The nozzle opening is tiny enough to bring out little quantity because you actually don't need much of the product to apply on your face and neck in one go. 
I received the Kaya CC+ cream in shade Ivory which looked lighter than my skin tone, but on application it doesn't look ashy. I'm not aware of any other shades available, but this one may suit most Indian skin tones. The product features also mention it to be hydrating; but for my dry skin type, a layer of moisturizer underneath is a must. Those with oily or normal skin type may directly apply the CC cream. 
Its texture and consistency makes the product easily blendable. It gives light to medium coverage and evens out the skin tone. Any light marks or spots are covered with nice finish after you apply the product. I like the brightness that my face gets and still looks natural. I prefer using a compact over the CC cream to enhance its effect and avoid touch-ups after few hours. 
This cream with SPF 25 promises to shield your skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays and other free radicals. But for the ones who remain outdoors throughout the day, I would recommend using a higher SPF sunscreen too. 
All in all, the Kaya CC+ Complexion Perfector Cream is good for everyday no-makeup kinda finish on your face and should be used in sync with other product products like concealer, compact etc for a flawless party look.