Tuesday, 7 May 2019

Get Embellished With 6 Premium Laces By Riechers Marescot

Lace is an ultra sophisticated and premium fabric to coddle the beauty in you. This delicate lace fabric is made from yarn of weblike mesh. There are variations of this type. Most of the time it is used to embellish the apparel but some fashion drapes are entirely made out of it. Its sheerness pampers the delicacy and royal look of the apparel. Also, valuable stones, pearls, gold, and silver are used to make it. Let’s explore the lace fabric in details.

Lace by Riechers Marescot
Lacey dresses are often symbolized as feminine exuberance. The array of premium lace by Riechers Marescot is superfluous endorsing this regal feminine spirit. Based on France it is worldwide famous for manufacturing unique gorgeous lace and serving haute couture. It has a vast array of luxury lace fabric that is adorned with Swarovski, pearls, beads, sequins, cords and lot more valuable embellishment. It is made by Leavers loom of the 19th century which is intricately patterned to last details. It is used by all top notch designers to bedeck bridal dresses and party wears. It is a boon for ethnic wear designers. 
Tissura.com collections
Tissura.com is a worldwide supplier of lace fabrics by Riechers Marescot. It has 6 premium category of this type. Various colors, patterns, and quality are available here. The adornments and yarn make the difference in price. Not just fabric you can also get different accessories, trimmings, and buttons here. All exclusive brands and yarns are in their stock.

Types of Lace Fabric
There are 6 major types of lace. Based on its design and pattern it is differentiated into such types:- 
  • Chantilly Lace It has fine ground, pattern is well outlined and it has abundant of details. Cordonnet outlines the pattern in a flat strand that is untwisted. One of the best lace collections of Tissura is Chantilly lace of opal rose riveting pattern. Little blooms are tied with fine high-quality thread for ornamentation of the fabric. It is durable and ever remains fresh with a new like look.
  • Corded Lace Fabric – Its another name is Alencon fabric named after a French town. The heavy corded or delicate thread patterns are stitched together tightly on a base fabric of sheer illusion which makes the design like appliqué.
  • Embroidered lace - Heavy embroidery work is done on lace which is then stitched with the apparel. The high delicate design itself is ornamentation.
  • Knit Lace – It is knitted with thin yarns and has nice patterns. Floral, diamond, check and geometric patterns are predominant in knitted lace.
  • Brocade Lace – Silk, gold, silver, zari and rich decorative materials are used to embellish it. It is used in high-quality royal dresses.
  • Eyelet Lace – It is light in weight and has small pierced holes and with floral or dot-like patterns.

Evening gowns, bridal dress, Western wear, luxury lingerie and lot more are made of it. Lace is an everlasting fashion that is gratifying women’s luxury wear.

Saturday, 13 April 2019

A Spiritual Walk along the Banks of Ganges at Haridwar

For a family where spirituality prevails, the holiday destinations sometimes are the holy cities where one can find solace from fast-paced urban life. Just like masses of people who consider 'Twin National Heritage Cities' Haridwar and Rishikesh as one of the most religious pilgrimage destination, my father always loved visiting these mystical places. 
I've fond memories of visiting these places since childhood, so here is what delights me about the locations..
Har ki Pauri:
The most pious ghar at the banks of Ganges, Har ki Pauri offers the most divine experience to devotees during Ganga Aarti every evening. Watching thousands of the diyas floating on the waters while the hymns being recited by the priests fill your heart with purity and devotion for Almightly. A dip into sacred waters of Ganges is believed to wash away all your sins.

Mandir Darshan:
At this major spiritual landmark of India, you'll find temples (mandir) of many Hindu Gods and Goddesses in every corner of the city. Chandi Devi Mandir, Daksheswara Maharaj Mandir, Maya Devi Mandir, Vaishno Devi Mandir, Doodhadhari Barfani Baba Mandir, Bharat Mata Mandir etc. are some popular temples of Hindu religion in Haridwar. 

Most revered of all the Haridwar temples is the Mansa Devi Mandir. The temple is located steep atop the Bilwa Parvat on the Sivalik Hills. You can either trek, climb the steps or go via Udhankhatola (Cable Car/ Ropeway) to the temple.

The view from the cable car will simply amaze you and it's highly recommended to enjoy if you have children in the family.  
Adventure Sport at Rishikesh:
The Yog Capital of the World, Rishikesh, has many adventure activities to indulge into. It depends on the preference and age-appropriateness of the participant what you're allowed to partake. Bungee Jumping, Flying Fox, Powered Paragliding, Jungle Camping, Trekking, River Rafting are the best among the long list of other thrilling Rishikesh adventure sports.  

Food Trails:
Haridwar is heaven for food lovers. Spicy Aloo Puri, Frothy Kulhar Milk, Crispy Kachoris and Samosas, Fresh Fruits, Seasonal Juices and Flavoured Kulfis have been my super favourites. Everything is available at such pocket-friendly prices that you need not resist your temptations because of expenses.

A visit to the ancient city of Haridwar is a must for a peaceful stay with tranquil atmosphere, but travelling during the Hindu month of Shrawan around July should be avoided due to heavy crowd and blocked roads becuase of Kaanwar Yatra by Shiv devotees.

Thursday, 11 April 2019

Steal the Spotlight With Oriflame Colour Obsession Lipsticks

Up your colour game with Colour Obsession, the new lipstick range from The ONE. This revolutionary lip colour brings an unparalleled sense of empowerment with its attention-grabbing hues. Beyond bold, it has 10 PopShock shades with ChromaLoad Technology for unequalled colour intensity. Fully loaded with moisture, the weightless base melts on contact, providing a gel-crème finish of saturated colour.
Colour Obsession Lipsticks have a distinct silver chrome bullet packaging unlike the ones which I already have in my collection. What made me really happy about the packaging is the clear transparent cap that lets me see the shade without opening it, because otherwise it used to take me lot of time finding the right shade in my stash every morning while getting ready for work. Now with Colour Obsession lipsticks, the issue seems solved atleast for this range.
This range offers 10 beautiful shades that would steal the spotlight in your spring summer cosmetics.

Nude Appeal - 35155
Peach Passion - 35156
Pink Possession - 35157
Magenta Mania - 35158
Coral Craze - 35159
Tempting Orange - 35160
Red Rage - 35161
Red Fever - 35162
Purple Power - 35163
Cherry Crave - 35164

The lipsticks are mildly creamy in texture, but don't feel heavy when worn on lips. I neither apply lip balm or lip gloss, still my lips felt moisturized without any feeling of drying out. The colour payoff is good too. After almost 7 hours and having with my lunch, the colour lasted enough. I am also happy with the subtle shine that these lipsticks give. 
Something from the browns family is missing in the range. To name a few shades that I adore more than others, I have got Purple Power, Cherry Crave, Coral Craze and Nude Appeal as the most preferred ones.

Monday, 25 March 2019

Ways to Calm Down Colicky Baby

Hey Mommies! 

Let's me start by asking how does it feel when your infant cries uncontrollably and you can’t find the reason? Isn't so distressing for a mother not to be able to figure out the reason why the baby is crying despite fulfilling his needs? 

I always felt that infancy is the most difficult stage of baby's life when the baby himself can't express what's troubling him and leaves the parents absolutely powerless how to tackle the situation. It's obvious that the babies will express their physical and emotional hurts by crying, but an intense crying with no identifiable reason that transforms into a frequent screaming episode same time every day is termed as 'Colic'. Luckily, colic is not associated with any health problem and is believed to be linked to indigestion, trapped wind or temporary gut sensitivity. Though colic condition gets resolved on its own eventually, but the parents definitely need to know some measures and remedies that might relieve the baby from this prolonged crying for the moment. So here are some tried n tested ways that worked for my baby & I'm sure your little one might respond to some of these when needed-

  • For a colic-affected baby, a belly rub can be quite useful. For this, simply lay the baby on his back on your lap and gently move your palms on his abdomen with light pressure in rhythmic circles in the clockwise direction. You may even use a non-allergic massage oil for belly rub. 
  • An easy way to release trapped gas is to engage the baby in some body exercise. I found bicycle legs, bent legs to be the easiest yet practical ones for the purpose. 
  • Some babies respond really well to face-down holding position. For this, the parent should place his hand under baby's belly and the baby's head should be on your forearm. This posture will help putting pressure on baby's tummy and will relieve uncomfortable gas that causes crying.

    I used to apply a homemade paste of asafoetida mixed with water on my baby's tummy when he would face the issue. And the good news is that the same remedy is now available in the form of ready-to-use Tummy Roll-On.
  • One of the trustworthy babycare brands, Mother Sparsh has recently introduced this #AyurvedicHomeRemedy made of 5 effectives oils that aim to treat colic naturally. 
The combination of Hing Oil, Pudina Oil, Sonth Oil, Saunf Oil and Sova Oil effectively reduces stomach discomforts caused due to gas, acidity or indigestion in infants and children. The benefits of Asafoetida are well-known as one of the most handy home remedy for colic in infants. It's anti-flatulence properties help in digestion. It lets the baby release intestinal gas and minimises discomfort. Saunf Oil used in the roll-on helps the baby to burp and be a #colicfreebaby.
The small size and light-weight packaging makes the #TummyRollOn a travel-friendly item that moms can easily toss in baby's diaper bag. You need to apply the product on baby's stomach directly around the naval area. 
The best part is that the #100%Ayurvedic formula is skin-safe, non-toxic and free of chemicals which gives the confidence to use it without worries of any side-effects. Also the product is worth a try for the affordable price point. You may order it online too.
It might take time to get through this phase of #parenting and if you can't pinpoint the remedy that would certainly work, simply try alternative remedies everytime to find what suits your little one's best. I'm sure your baby will soon be a happy and #ColicFreeBaby.
Happy Parenting!

Wednesday, 20 March 2019

How To Win Against Baby’s Dry Skin?

Whoever has experienced motherhood would agree that women can never forget the moment when their freshly delivered bundles of cuteness were handed over to them. It was an incredible experience for me as well. I was delighted to touch him, but felt alarmed at the appearance of that extra-soft brand new baby. I had expected him to have so-called 'baby-soft' skin, but it looked dry and flaky. As a first-time mom, I tried comforting myself by reassuring that the baby's skin will become normal after regulating his internal temperature and swept passed the worrying thoughts for the moment. 

Just like every educated new-age mom, I made sure not to use any of the adult bathing products on my baby and would buy products meant for little one's delicate skin. While the skin peeling was still happening on baby's legs, shoulders, ankles; I noticed that the baby's skin won't retain moisture for longer despite quick absorption and repeated application of moisturiser and would show signs of skin irritation occasionally. Probably, the product I used for my baby wasn't specifically formulated for this age group. 

And then came the eye-opener realisation, that I need to switch to some dermatologically developed moisturising lotion that gently cares for skin's specific needs. After a thorough research, I put my faith in Sebamed, one of the safest baby-care product brands and thought of giving it's Baby Lotion a try.  
What intrigued me about testing Sebamed Baby Lotion which made me aware that healthy skin's normal pH value should be 5.5 and maintaining this pH value leads to essential skin renewal, guards skin from infections and imparts a healthy glow. Optimal protection and compatibility with the skin is only achieved with a pH value of 5.5. Now if you're wondering why baby'skin needs such extra care? The reason is that a baby is born with  skin pH 7 and it is ideal to use baby skin care products with pH 5.5 to help develop a protective Acid Mantle faster to prepare his skin against harmful environmental influences.
I was convinced to have picked a skin-safe baby lotion that could not just add moisture to his skin, but also prevent moisture already in the skin from evaporating. Since that day it's been a vital product in my baby's diaper bag that I would carry along everywhere. The easy-to-use packaging makes it so convenient to squeeze little amount of lotion and apply in a jiffy. I somehow like the color theme of Sebamed baby products' packaging in soothing white and blue colors. A thumbs up for botanical fragrance which is really pleasant. 
The non-irritating lotion is gentle enough to suit baby skin after few weeks of birth and nurtures his skin without being harsh. The mothers whose infants have minor skin conditions can use Sebamed products after checking with a paediatrician since all their products fulfill #pH5point5 criteria. 
Dryness can sometimes be really uncomfortable for your little one. But a light body massage given to #SebamedBaby after bath will hydrate him well with extra nourishment. 

I’m happy I made healthy choices for my baby!

Thursday, 14 March 2019

Sassy Babydoll to Snuggly Night Suits : The Best Summer Nightwears

Given the rising temperatures of the summer season, women like me are already into a spree to give our wardrobe a makeover for the season. I know many of you might be following the fashion spotlight to get your hands on something exclusive, but I'm heading to buy some incredibly soft and breathable 'nightwear' for myself. Because comfy nightwear is one of the most important pieces of clothing in a women's wardrobe. Nightwear comes in all sorts of styles, from matching pyjama sets, cami tops, sleep shirts and babydolls. Whichever style you choose, it’s crucial to pay attention to the fit and support.

Today I've rounded up the top must-have summer nightwear for women -

Flirty Babydoll:
Amp up your nightwear wardrobe with the flirty babydoll. While most babydolls are made of sheer, semi-transparent, see-through material; these are available in a range of classic silk, lycra, chiffon materials too for the ultimate bedtime comfort. With the new arrival of babydoll nightwear styles, not only the younger women but anybody and everybody can flaunt these playful, eye-catching nightwear with confidence. Just be careful to choose something that compliments your figure. A babydoll nightdress with a robe on the top is definitely a fascinating nightwear this summer.
Dreamy Shorts Set:
For the lovers of shorts, a luxurious sleep set is perfect for that modest, effortless look. One can opt for a top with ruffles and rushes in the bust line for a different look. For many of us, such nightwears actually are enough to double as basics in our everyday wardrobe. Another cool idea is to add some funky accessories and you can end up getting ready in a sassy beach costume.

Elegant Night Suit:

Be your best, most free-spirited self in this nightsuit dress made for running through a hell lot of chores without worries of changing even when you're in your nightdress till mid-noon. In fact one can wear this from dusk 'til dawn. I can skip all the laces, prints and adornments in favour of such a graceful look. 

Breezy Shirt Dress:

For those who don't like the feeling of full pyjamas in bed and aren't comfortable in shorts, a knee-length shirt dress or sleep shirt is an ideal loose-fitted piece of garment that you'd love being enveloped in those sweaty nights. Its light-weight fabric keeps the heat off. Also because of the length of shirt dresses, they beautifully expose the woman's legs. I'm particularly obsessed with shirt dresses with quirky prints and catchy quotes on them.


There’s no escaping the love for all things glamour; but whatever is your age, body type, preference or price tag, just make sure a nightwear that’s comfortable in all the right places is what your body demands. It should feel blissfully soft to the skin and should have an element of tease ;) Regardless of the fashion trends, go for fabrics that are skin-friendly. Last but not least, choose proper undergarments that hold everything in place.

Hope you’re sorted for the season!