Wednesday 18 January 2023

Get Vacation Ready & Look Your Best With One Friday

Tropical prints and beach vacations sound like synonymous to each other. To attain a chic and fashionable feminine look, floral dresses can add a twist of magic to your style statement. So when I got my beach holiday package booked for upcoming vacations, I instantaneously started looking for an appropriate dress as I wanted to flatter myself with the booming colour palette instead of solids.
This time I explored an interesting online market place One Friday that is a kidswear brand which offers mommy's outfit range too and luckily I got to find clothing for myself n my little one without having to access multiple portal.

It's time to show you what I purchased...
Since floral print dresses are often associated with a laid-back, vacation-inspired look, I chose a pretty Beige Floral Print Mommy Dress for myself that can be styled in a number of ways, depending on the occasion and the individual's personal style. Some people may prefer a more formal look with heels, while others may prefer a more relaxed look with flats or sandals.
What I liked the most in this dress is the asymmetric frill pattern all across from the neckline to hemline. I'm so excited to flaunt this chic-looking frill dress and have got several styling ideas in my mind already:
  • Pairing it with heels and statement jewelry for a dressy look.
  • Wearing it with flat sandals or sneakers for a more casual, bohemian vibe.
  • Layer it over a turtleneck or a long-sleeved shirt for a bold appeal.
  • Cinching the waist with a belt to create a more fitted silhouette.
  • Experimenting with different types of accessories like a hat, scarfs, or a shrug to add some extra interest to the look.
Ultimately, the key to styling a frill dress is to have fun with it and experiment with different looks until you find one that you feel confident and comfortable in. 👗

Once my outfit was finalized, I chose a smart Blue Polo T-Shirt with fun whale print for my kiddo that is absolutely in sync with our beachy vacations. I purposely purchased this tee considering the climate and weather of our vacation destination. 👕
  • The t-shirt is made of the softest cotton for extra comfort and softness throughout the day. 
  • It's a versatile piece that can be paired with anything from denim shorts to chinos. 
  • The neat piping on the collars and sleeves makes the tee really elegant. 
  • The buttoned neckline makes it convenient to take it on/off without tugging, so it's an easy process to give the kiddo a dress change in a jiffy. 
  • Buttoned t-shirt tends to be more durable than snap or pull-over t-shirts, as it is less likely to be stretched out of shape.
  • A buttoned t-shirt gives a polished, put-together look, making it suitable for special occasions or family photos.
  • Most importantly, it's fabric is hand-washable and quick-drying. So it's easy to maintain and to care for.
I feel I'm sorted for dressing myself and my kid right to find the correct balance between style, comfort and fashion. 🙌
If you’re looking for the best kidswear, you need to look no further, One Friday is here to get you trendy children clothes online to accommodate all your kidswear needs in pocket-friendly prices.

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  1. Such fun! I love a frill dress, especially on vacation. The whale shirt is so great as well. Enjoy your vacation!

    Debbie - basichomediy

  2. Dresses are the best for vacations - easy to pack and you can dress them up or down. Thanks for the link - I am checking these out! Stephanie

  3. That dress is really cute, love the color and design.

  4. I love your new dress! I already started to plan summer vacation and Im going to buy 2-3 new dresses. Summer shopping is fun!

  5. I like that it's soft cotton. The whale print is cute.

  6. One Friday is a great shop for trendy clothes. I love how reasonable their prices too.

  7. Great choice of clothes here. Summer shopping is fun and I always go with dresses.

  8. Ohhh the dress is so beautiful... seeing it gives you a vibe of vacation. Nice shopping from One Friday.

  9. love the prints, they're all so cute! will definitely check out the brand :)

  10. The dress looks really good. Perfect for vacation. One Friday has good collection.

  11. I adore floral dresses they are so feminine. Good choice for the summer.

  12. The floral dress caught my attention immediately. Stunning!

  13. Awesome! These are amazing clothes you've choose! Both looks great and very mesmerizing! Loved them both! Such a great find!

  14. I do like to keep designs simple although I do love floral prints. The dress is a really pretty design!!!

  15. Nnniiiccceeeee....I love the sample florals I am seeing here. Thanks for sharing about One Friday!

  16. This look nice and the colors is warm. And the design is also fun for kids to wear. Thank you for sharing this!


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