Monday 1 November 2021

Shapewear Vs Waist Trainer - Which is best for you?

"A woman's beauty is a treasure beyond body shape", but with images of 'ideal female beauty' bombarding us daily, it is really easy to forget this saying. Perceptions surrounding body types and beauty standards are so strenuous that many women who don't possess a desired body shape have to experience severe psychological effects. 

While everyone cannot have a perfect hourglass figure, one can choose to use body shapers that help compressing bulgy areas of feminine body so that they may create an illusion of desired body shape. These are special body-hugging garments made with lycra microfiber and are worn under usual female outfits without feeling uncomfortable. Markets are flooded with wide variety of body shapers that target specific body part to enhance posture like Camisole, Tummy Tucker,  Waist Clincher, Butt Lifter and Full Body Shaper.  Each of these shapewears is designed to give a toned look to the waist, belly, back, butt of the wearer and give a slimmer look. A rule of thumb while buying shapewears is to choose appropriate size and material because wearing the appropriate piece means your silhouette will look smoother in your clothes without causing your skin any allergies or reactions.

While apprising ourselves of effective shapewears, a mention of waist trainers is a must. Though shapewear and waist trainers are now a fashion must-have in a feminine closet, but they perform differently. The purpose of shapewear is to instantly give you smooth figure in your outfit irrespective your body type. On the other hand, waist trainers can help fix your body shape for longer time if the wearer uses it religiously. basically a waist trainer is made of high compression latex material that sucks in excess fat and 'trains' your waist to remain in shape. This simply means that you need to be consistent in your use of waist trainers to achieve your target. If chosen wisely, its fat burning feature can greatly impact reducing inches from your abdomen as well as your back. 

In a nutshell, the choice between shapewear and waist trainers entirely depends on the purpose you need it for. If need a temporary fix, opt for a shapewear. However, if you want a more permanently toned tummy area, opt for a waist trainer. Remember, for longer term permanent waist-reduction your waist training regime should be used in conjunction with healthy diet and moderate exercise. You can shop for different options of wholesale waist trainer for women for accentuating your bustline gracefully.

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