Saturday 20 February 2021 - A Trusted Name for Authentic Indian Handicrafts

"Handicraft is not just an art, it is the transmission of feeling the artist has experienced." 

Those who believe in this quote, will realize how beautifully Indian handicraft reflects the affluent cultural heritage of a region. Since I find delight in collecting beautifully crafted decor pieces for my home, I keep on exploring online portals that trade in various form of regional handicrafts. 

One such online store that I recently discovered is is a newly launched startup to uplift India crafts and with a hand-picked bespoke collection & to give economy workers a platform to spread their craft. This diverse store sells curated handmade decor accessories from all around the country to make your search for something creative and outstanding easier. Here, you would find something as small as a hand-painted terracotta diya to a handpicked thematic painting bearing striking imprints of ancient culture.

My Shopping Experience:
In the first glimpse of the store, I was instantaneously attracted towards artistically done Paintings from different states of India like Tampatra and Pattachitra paintings from Orissa, Phad paintings from Rajasthan, Mughal Paintings and much more. Each of those paintings have a distinct look that cannot be replicated.
But when I dived deep into the collections, I was awestruck to have found beautiful God pictures frames in 22 Carat Gold. These divine artifacts are a work of extremely fine and precious art that will appeal you in the first sight itself. 

Well! I knew this is something that should be brought home as a hallmark of our culture and finally I placed an order for Shubh-Labh Ganesh Lakshmi Gold Frame and metallic brass pyalis.
While placing the order, I also used a discount code on the website and redeeming the same was absolutely smooth and error-free process. I received the order confirmation via email right after order payment. As stated on the website, my order was shipped in less than 24 hours and the tracking info was shared over email to know my order's whereabouts. The order arrived on the third day with individual items well-packed and neatly arranged in a cardboard box.

A Closer Look at Product Quality of My Haul
I bought a Shubh-Labh Ganesh Lakshmi Gold Frame. It has God's pictures set in landscape frame. The frame has fine 22 carat gold-dust work of Lakshmi and Ganesha seated on lotus with a Shubh Labh at the sides and a Swastik in the middle, carved on a black glass sheetWith a dazzling golden look, that can be felt a little raised when the hand is run over, these divine artifacts are a work of extremely fine and precious art. 
The framed picture came packed in an elegant maroon velvet box which can be reused as a jewellery box or to keep your precious belongings. In my opinion, such classy handcrafted items make it a perfect gift for your loved ones on special occasions. There is definitely one to match your taste!
To compliment and complete my purchase, I also bought two Brass Pyalis that can be used to keep chandan, kumkum, akshad etc during pujan and other religious rituals. The pyalis are beautifully designed in an inverted bell like shape to keep it stable. The rings engraved in the middle of the pyalis makes it very elegant. Metal items like these are known to be durable and long-lasting.  
Other than the paintings and devotional items, there is an exquisite collection of terracotta pots in cute shapes, zari clutches & jewellery boxes, torans etc as well. Not to forget the tasty snack items and ultimate skincare and bathing essentials from some premium brands. Last but not the least, one must check out their festive collection where you may select gifting items for specific festivals like Diwali, Bhai Dooj, Rakhi, karwa Chauth, Christmas etc.  
I would sum up that through its #MakeInIndia initiative, is doing a wonderful job by sourcing authentic crafts from the hinterland of India and keeping lost legacies and forgotten crafts alive. All in all, is a shoppers' paradise for those who admire intricate handicrafts. Do check out their elaborate selection when you plan to shop genuine artifacts next time.


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