Saturday, 1 August 2020

A World without Clocks

A poem by my son that he wrote for an International Creative Writing Competition-

No Clocks? Well! The dynamic world will come to a stop,
For my time-driven momma, all her planned activities will flop.
No more pinching tiny scraps of time,
Just letting go tasks that don’t align your system fine.
I fantasize, there won’t be any wasteful time misusing,
Just those purposeful thoughts with no fear of losing.
I envision positive diversions and no stress coping,
But hey! The ‘No-clock’ world cannot be all promising.
With no clocks, there would be no motivation to plan and organize,
Our timely actions will also stand compromised.
How will we dictate our lives each day?
Won’t it slow us down on the life’s speedway?
It scares me to nerves not being able to hear that ‘ticking’,
Don’t want to get my productive energy dipping.
To avoid being a victim of unrewarding fatality,
Let’s continue relying on mindful punctuality.

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