Tuesday 15 June 2021

A World Without Clocks

An year ago, before the pandemic showed its presence, most of us had a set routine with barely any thoughts needed to fill up those little relaxing breaks. Starting from the morning alarm to wake us up till the last chore in the night, life could almost function on an autopilot mode.
But it's been months of trying administer some structure into my days that normalcy doesn't seem setting in.
With things getting out of control every so often and especially with my son's schedule to wake up, exercise, shower, get dressed, have breakfast, and to start his 'online school day', I just lost my calm the other day and yelled at him that you should have been born in a no-clock era where you had the liberty to do anything and everything as you please. 
To my scolding, my boy gave quite an amusing lyrical reply (quoting below for your kind read) 😅

No Clocks? No Clocks! ⏰
Will this dynamic world come to a stop? 🤯
And, for my time-driven momma, all her planned activities will flop. 😢

No more pinching tiny scraps of time,
Just letting go tasks that don’t align your system fine.  🤏

I fantasize, there won’t be any wasteful time-misusing,
Just those purposeful thoughts with no fear of losing. 🤔

I envision positive diversions and no efforts for stress-coping,
But hey! The ‘No-clock’ world cannot be all promising. 🙅

With no clocks, there would be no motivation to plan and organize,
Our timely actions will also stand compromised. 👎

How will we dictate our lives each day?
Won’t it slow us down on the life’s speedway? 😩

It scares me to nerves not being able to hear that ‘ticking’,
Really don’t want to get my productive energy dipping. 😪

To avoid being a victim of unrewarding fatality,
Let’s continue relying on mindful punctuality. 👍

No points for guessing that it made me laugh and hug him, 'coz he found a cause to be creative at this juncture also. 👌

But on a serious note, we both had a long discussion afterwards because I wanted him to realize "Time is not an illusion and should be used productively." 
This is how a day in my life looked like...

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  1. Hari Om
    LOL - I have two sisters who have no respect for any time set... and I had a father who was sick if he wasn't an hour early everywhere. So I have to be timekeeper and 'monster'!!! Now I have only myself to etertain; I run the day as I wish - and have come to realise that "with no clock motiviation is less and organisation non-existent"!!! YAM xx

    1. My father is like that too... reaching any where before time. ;)

  2. How lovely and creative! :)

    It's really tough and tiring. :(
    Stay well.

  3. Deepika SharmaJune 16, 2021 4:58 pm

    What a fun and creative post this was. Times have been tough but your way of looking at it is amazing
    Deepika Sharma

  4. What a serious topic depicted in such a fun and creative manner. Loved the poem by your son. Time is probably the only thing up and about since the last 2 years

  5. Wow this is giving me an existential crisis because now I'm wondering if I would be more productive or less if there were no clocks. What a wonderful poem!


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