Monday 10 December 2018

Men's Skincare Journal ft. NovAge Men by Oriflame

NOVAGE. Powered by Science. Empowering you to be your Best. 
NovAge offers a series of scientifically-advanced skin care ranges designed to correct and slow the signs of ageing. Every range is powered by innovative technologies and plant stem cell extracts, and customised to meet your skin's changing needs through life with clinically proven results. From the very first signs of ageing to those experienced in more mature skin, with NovAge you can enjoy youthful, healthy-looking skin at any age.

The NovAge Men Set is engineered specifically for male skin to fight signs of ageing and tiredness. Skin is left feeling energised, fresher, smoother and younger looking. Designed to use as a simple, but powerful routine that takes less than 2 minutes to perform every morning and evening but gives results. When used as a routine, the range delivers a clinically proven Anti-Fatigue Effect by wrinkle reduction, skin smoothness improvement, improvement in skin hydration, improvement in skin flexibility, improvement in skin tonicity.
The set comes in a decent brown cardboard box consisting of 4 products -  
Purifying & Exfoliating Cleanser: Male skin produces more sebum and oil and has larger pores than women’s skin, so it attracts and traps more daily grime. That's the reason why gentlemen also need to rejuvenate their facial skin by exfoliation to diminish dirt and dead skin cells. Apply this lovely-looking grey coloured NovAge cleanser to the face and neck, gently massaging with fingertips to wash away sebum and excess oil with its invigorating grains consisting of natural Japanese Charcoal particles. Rinse thoroughly with warm water and get that instant skin boost and refreshing aromatic feel. The smoother exfoliated skin makes it easy to absorb anything you put on it afterwards like serums, moisturizers etc. more deeply. I personally feel that a good exfoliator like NovAge also leads to lessen ingrown facial hair thereby preparing the skin for a comfortable shave. So my mantra is to cleanse and exfoliate my face before shaving. It's priced at INR 1000 for 125 ml tube.
Eye Rescue Gel: Most men have stressful work schedule due to which their eyes are prone to get puffy and have eyebags. Eye skin is fragile, so often it is the first area to reveal signs of ageing and tiredness. The eyebags might be caused by fluid retention, lack of sleep, any allergies or heredity. The trick is to find an easy-to-use eye roll-on. NovAge Eye Rescue Gel has to be gently rolled on cleansed skin below each eye every morning and evening. The texture of this product makes it easy to absorb. One of the most effective ingredients for eye care products i.e. Caffeine helps to enhance blood micro-circulation to de-puff under-eye bags and helps to reduce the appearance of dark circles to leave eyes looking well rested. Gingko helps to soothe skin, increases moisturising efficacy and stimulates collagen synthesis. The massaging effect of the roller ball make tired eyes look and feel energised, revitalised and hydrated. Priced at INR 1200 for 15ml tube.
Energising & Hydrating Booster:  It's a gel-like translucent fluid that optimises skin's water balance immediately. Massage it into cleansed skin morning and evening avoiding the eye area. Quick in absorption and nicely fragrant. Skin is left revived with improved tone, better flexibility and reduced tiredness, once the product is religiously applied on daily basis. To prevent loss of radiance from men's skin and to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, Coffea Bengalensis plant stem cell extract has been included in NovAge Men which encourages healthier functioning skin cells and a boosted antioxidant capacity that can help to protect the skin. Available at INR 2100 for 50 ml bottle.
Intense Anti-ageing Face Gel Lotion: Being in my early 40s, I've resorted to high-quality anti-ageing products which can be used without visiting the professional salons. The NovAge anti-ageing lotion is a lightly consistent, white-coloured lotion that repairs skin of critical ageing issues. Simply massage it into cleansed skin twice a day avoiding the eye area. The Baobab Anti-ageing technology used in the range is specifically developed to work on men’s skin and targets issues directly. Though one can feel the suppleness of skin instantly, but needs patience to notice improvement in skin's texture in a span of few months. Priced at INR 1700 for 50ml bottle.
The NovAge Men Set is clinically evaluated on male skin and a big lot of people have agreed to it's results. The complete set is priced at Rs. 6000 but is available at Rs. 4500 on Oriflame website. Ladies! It makes a perfect gift for the men in your family. And Gentlemen! don't shy away ordering this wonderful grooming kit for yourself. 
Reviewed by: Amit

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