Monday 6 August 2018

What If You Get Nature's Care In Your Baby's Wipes

Hey mommies

It's the time for 'mom to mom' advice and sharing something of great concern from my motherhood experience with you all :)

When I was an expectant mom and was staying for some time with my parents prior to my delivery, my mom not only took best care of me, but planned everything so well for the arrival of her first grandchild much ahead of his/her birth. The preparations for baby's arrival not just involved hauling around for best quality baby essentials from the market, but she put lot more effort to pack all kinds of 'comfort items' for me and the newborn in my hospital bag.

While she got me an ultimate maternity kit ready, I wasn't pleased to find her cutting her old, used premium cotton sarees and bedsheets into pieces and stacking those cloth pieces in my hospital bag. Collecting my courage as much as possible, I asked her why and she patiently explained me the logic that the newborn's delicate skin would demand mildest care and the key principle is to 'be genlte'. After my son was born, we would use one of those soft pieces of cotton cloth to wipe him clean and would dispose it after use.

In the present times, when we have access to anything and everything needed for newborns readily available in the stores and many of us don't trust such age-old practises, I'm really glad that the notion for baby care are still the same i.e. 'gentle, harmless care for the baby'. I know those pieces of cotton cloth have been replaced with easy-to-use moist towelettes or wet wipes that is one the most desirable items in a baby's diaper bag, but can all these wipes pass the quality-checks that ONLY a mom can impose? I personally used and tested a number of 'supposedly good' baby wipes, but wasn't convinced until I laid my hands on Mother Sparsh wipes.
Let's explore some key factors that influenced my opinion while picking Mother Sparsh Wipes over ordinary wipes-

The delicate baby skin demands for purest ingredients that are gonna be absorbed by their skin when any product comes into contact with the largest organ of their body. The thoughtful design of these wipes with 100% Plant-based Fabric & 98% of Water actually brought back memories of my mom's style of baby cleaning with only pure water using soft cleaning fabric. Since these wipes are as good as Cotton & Pure Water, it proves to be a skin-friendly product even in the early months after baby's birth.
After hygiene, finding the right amount of softness, moisture and fragrance in the wipes has to be a priority for every mom. The Mother Sparsh Wipes infused with purest Ayurvedic Actives would gain your trust when using these to clean your baby's dirty face, hands, eyes, ears, bottom won't cause him any allergic reaction or diaper rash. And the goodness of Vitamin E and Aloe Vera extract is the additional perks of relying on a A-grade product to won't compromise in hydrating the skin of little one.
I bet you're worried of preservatives in the wipes that are the most common allergens and lead to itchy skin. So procuring a cleaning item absolutely free from all harmful chemicals like Alcohol & Parabens is definitely a win-win situation for me and my fellow mommies.
For the reasons too good to be true, the mommies and babies ought to love Mother Sparsh wipes. Can't wait to get your little one a gift of good health, order your pack here and end your hunt for baby safe wipes today!

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  1. Sach me aaj itna hygienic ho gaya hai aur itne acche products easily available hai moms n new born dono k liye comfortable bhi 👍👍


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