Wednesday 21 February 2018

Brew Perfect French Press Coffee ft. InstaCuppa

Who doesn't love the rich taste in a cuppa? Espresso, Mocha, Cappuccino or French Press; whatever is your favourite style, but coffee brewed to perfection is liquid wisdom ;)

I'm more of a tea-person, but if I have coffee that has to be deliciously strong. Frankly speaking, I never considered myself too good to prepare coffee as good as we enjoy in parties and that probably stopped me be a coffee-lover. But over the past few months, what changed the entire scenario at my home is InstaCuppa French Press Coffee Maker.
This french press coffee maker features an extra tough and heat-resistant, cylindrical pot made of borosilicate glass that doesn’t break as easily as the others and lasts for years.  Look at the grace it has. :)
The pot's outer holder made with highly polished stainless steel accents a classy look to the appliance. The spout on the pot helps to pour the beverage without spilling. 
You would find a plunger piston and built-in mesh filter screen that presses hot water through the ground coffee. Both the components that is plunger and filter are made of high grade 18/8 stainless steel that keep rust at bay. The pot handle is heat-resistant and causes zero heat-transfer.  
Now here is the secret to utilize the coffee maker to optimal use. It's an open secret that a good cup of coffee starts with the beans. The freshly roasted and ground beans immediately before brewing do magic to bring aroma your flavourful drink. Make a point to grind the beans to medium size with uniformity and consistency throughout, because coarsely ground beans may clog the filter, while very fine grinds may pass through the filter.

Coming to the not-so-tough task of brewing, start by cleaning the pot thoroughly since you last used it and pour ground coffee into the pot. 
Now pour hot water (or probably milk, if you like it) into the pot and gently stir with a long spoon.
Wait for a while to let the hot water help release aroma from the grinds. Then firmly hold the handle of the pot, insert the lid back into the pot and press the plunger all the way down to filter the grounds from the coffee. 
As seen in the image below, the mesh filter generally does a decent job to hold back the grounds; but if a small quantity of fine grounds gets mixed in your beverage, it would barely affect the taste.
This InstaCuppa coffee maker can hold an ample quantity of 600ml that eases your effort to serve almost 5-6 cups in a single press. Looking at the awesome features of this durable appliance, a price of INR 1499/- is a steal deal giving you an off on MRP 2000/-. Available to order from brand website or from Amazon. 


  1. Never tried French Press Coffee before. This seems like an easy way to try at home...

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    1. Mine is also the first time and it's a handy kitchen accessory that helps.


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