Friday 24 November 2017

Discover Gentle Care for Dry Hair

A gentle cleanser for your hair that can achieve benefits like moisturizing the hair and scalp while condioning it, that's simply the best pick. I'm a true Coconut Oil loyalist, because for hair it's an all-natural way to keep both hair and scalp healthy.
Since past few weeks, I've been using Oriflame's Love Nature Hair Care combo that was recently launched with Wheat & Coconut Oil as star ingredients. Looking at the key ingredients, there was no denying to test these right from the first intro.
The combo has got 4 products - shampoo, conditioner, hair oil and hot oil.

A good hair care regimen certainly begins with a nourishing hair oil. I trust goodness of coconut hair oil with all my heart. The Love Nature Coconut Oil penetrates to the hair roots when massaged in light strokes and nourishes hair from scalp to tip. It heals dry split ends and repairs damaged hair on prolonged usage. Coconut oil contains healthy fatty acids and vitamin E that help in hair growth. You may even add a few drops of some essential oils in it to make it even healthier. I also love to heat the oil a bit and enjoy warm oil massage over the weekends. It's an effective fatigue-reliever for me. In winters, this oil tends to freeze, so has to be melted to use.
Love Nature Wheat & Coconut Shampoo is primarily meant for Dry Hair. My hair turn drier during colder days, so thought to switch from my previous shampoo. It's a thick formula in off-white colour with a tint of brown. I apply the shampoo generously to wet hair, massage into a lather through the ends, then rinse the hair thoroughly with lukewarm water. The shampoo effectively removes buildup without stripping hair. The easiest way to enjoy the benefits of coconut oil for hair growth is by using a coconut oil shampoo that contains hair growth promoting oil.
After shampooing, I always follow with conditioner. And it's great to have a conditioner formulated on the same ingredients that when used in conjunction with other products will offer best results.  Love Nature Wheat & Coconut Conditioner is a smooth yet thick product and is slightly lighter than the shampoo in colour. It's as easy as applying on rinsed hair after shampoo and then again washing your hair after 2-3 minutes. It helps hair to retain moisture and makes an excellent deep conditioner. 
The packaging of both the shampoo and conditioner is same with a difference of labeling on the bottles. I somehow loved the shape of bottles which is different from usual.
Last product in this combo that I tried was a tiny little tube of Love Nature Hot Oil. I soaked the tube in hot water and twisted the mechanism on the top to open and take out the oil. The oil is something like a gel that has been melted to thinner consistency. On application, I didn't get the feeling of an having an oil on my scalp that I want an oil should have. It's less greasy than a normal oil, so better should be used as a styling product. 
I love the authentic coconut fragrance that all the products in this combo have. Find more about Love Nature Hair Care range with Wheat & Coconut Oil at Oriflame website.


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