Monday 2 January 2017

Paint Your Pout With Oriflame Lip Sensation Matte Mousse

Liquid Lipsticks is everywhere right now like a fresh change from classic style. Just about every brand has put out a version of it. I'm NOT a lipgloss or liquid lipstick person in any way, but after reading dozens of reviews of Oriflame Lip Sensation Matte Mousse by fellow bloggers, I felt tempted to give it a shot.

Light-as-air liquid lipstick with a smooth, velvety finish in 10 stunning full-coverage shades that go the distance. Infused with comforting and conditioning ingredients so lips stay quenched. Guaranteed to cause lip envy.
I chose to try 2 lip shades - Pink Velour and Soft Mulberry. And after a couple of applications of both the shades, here is what I  have to say ...

The matte mousse is in a stylish transparent packaging with silver roll-up cap. The outer cardboard box details every essential information including the shade name.
Soft Mulberry is a shade close to deep plum which is my all time favourite and so it was my first choice. Most liquid lipstick formulas tend to be quite pigmented, and I achieved the opaque pigment I wanted in just one swipe of soft mulberry. This warm shade would suit most Indian skin tones and is lovable for these cold months.
Pink Velour, on the other hand, is a bold shade of pink which I thought won't suit my dusky, medium toned complexion. To my surprise, many of my colleagues complimented me the day I wore to office. It really made me look fairer. However, this shade doesn't give the exact color intensity in single swipe. I had to add on another layer to build the true shade. It may not be likable for darker skin tones.
The matte mousse are a creamy textured formula, but doesn't bleed excessively and can be controlled with steady hand for precise application. It takes a while to settle. If you feel it thicker on lips and wanna settle its default semi-matte finish, simply blot with a tissue to make your lips appear more matte and enjoy stain-like effect.

I didn't apply any lip balm beneath the matte mousse lipcolor, and still it kept my lips hydrated till the moment I wore it. It stays put on my lips is somewhere between 4-5 hours surviving light meals. The removal also proved to be non-challenging as the cotton wipes dipped in gentle moisturizer or an oil easily lifted the lipcolor off the cracks and crevices of my lips.

For the girls, who avoid wearing a full face of makeup like me, can only put their favourite shade of Oriflame Lip Sensation Matte Mousse on their bare face and the look just doesn't feel incomplete or weird. So, for creating a low-maintenance look for everyday, make your pick here at Rs. 699 out of all stunning shades to a statement-making pout.
And, if you want to try out how it looks on you, I'm giving away 4 exclusive Oriflame hampers to lucky few who will shower their love on my blog ;) Check out how to win these gifts 


  1. lovely u i too avoid face make -up ;p would love to win this :)

  2. Both the shades are looking gorgeous on u 😘

    Lovely review...

  3. Replies
    1. they look and feel so good that u can't resist.

  4. Both the colours are suiting you but the SOFT MULBERRY shade is making you look gorgeous

    1. Thanks Shilpa. I personally liked mulberry but my friends loved pink velour on me ;)

  5. Mulberry shade is the best - will go get me one as my friend is a consultant

    1. sure. It's colour that goes well on all skin tones.


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