Monday 6 January 2014

Gia Bath & Body Works Body Butter Review

Its been my first review post today. It may not be that perfect, but i cudn't resist sharing my views about Body Butter by "Gia Bath & Body Works" after using it.

About Gia Bath & Body Works :
A Mumbai based innovative venture owned by Gayatri Acharya Brown, a Beauty Products enthusiast who is passionate to formulate natural personal care products with goodness of finest luxury SKIN SAFE ingredients. All products being sold by Gia Bath & Body Works are made in extremely hygienic environment and don't use any harmful preservatives.
 Product Details:
Product Name: Gia Bath & Body Works Cocoa Body Butter
 Cocoa Butter, Jojoba Oil, Vitamin-E (all of them will make your skin feel hydrated for longer in Winters.)
 Rs. 300 for 100g tub and Rs. 590 for 200g tub
Instructions to use:
Apply on wet skin after a shower, take a final rinse and dab your body dry.  (but i even applied at night before bedtime and loved its feel on my skin).

My Experience: Before i could open the packing, holding it in my hand, i had been wondering how much quantity does it contain (coz it was not mentioned on the pack).. As i opened the pack beautifully covered with colored paper, I really smiled to see pale-yellow buttery colored & almost weightless gently whipped body butter. It looked so tempting like white chocolate to taste a spoonful ;) Have a glimpse of how it looked ...

I wanted to apply it the very next morning on my dry skin to see how it works...because the dryness of my skin doesn't let my body remain soft n supple for longer even after bathing in lukewarm water n proper oiling ...

Since, this cocoa body butter is in somewhat semi-solid form thicker than usual creams/lotions (may be due to lower temperature these days), so i used a spoon to take out a generous quantity. Instead of rubbing it between my palms before applying, i directly applied it on my arms and massaged it to get it melted at body temperature itself. :)

It didn't feel sticky or greasy at all and smelt so divine to take my senses on a relaxing journey for those few minutes. It got completely absorbed into skin giving intense moisturizing effect. Infact, you may keep smelling your body for that wonderful fragrance that lingers on for quite long on body. I found it ideal for very dry body parts like knees and elbows.

wow, I loved the shine, incredible smoothness and softness it gave to my skin :) :) Its much of a bath time treat and a bit of luxury at the end of the day.

Honest Verdict: Gia Bath & Body Works Body Butter can't be missed by those who believe in self-indulgence. Some of you may find it a bit heavier on pocket, but then all good things ask for a price ;) I'm quite sure that if you use any of her products once, you will be addicted to those and will say a complete 'NO' to all chemical based products :)


  1. Congratulations on creating this blog and your first review Shilpa. I loved the name of your blog as well as the review. It's indeed very tempting and I do believe in self-indulgence and pampering :) Would love to try it as I have dry skin like you and have never tried body butters before.

    1. Thnx for kind words dear Gagan :) Its been really a dream come true to own a blog. The credit for this meaningful n inspiring blog title goes to hubby who uses this punchline whenever I feel low ;)
      The body butter smells so blissful that everytime i use it, i simply can't stop smelling it again n again ... I wud suggest u to try it for urself.

  2. Looks like a good one, will try it out.

    1. yes dear Subha, its a must-try product to pamper ur skin the way we want!!

  3. I went on FB and liked this Gia brand and will be trying this out


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