Monday, 20 November 2017

Effective Healthcare Remedies for Infants

Although unavoidable, your baby falling sick never fails to make a mommy super anxious. My heart would drop to my stomach every time my child suffered from common childhood illnesses and I would stress and want the ailment to get cured without discomforting my little one with medication.

In the initial phase of motherhood, I consulted and trusted only the paediatrician so as to offer instant relief to my ailing baby; but gradually I started relying on natural remedies suggested by elders in my family that really worked wonders.

Today I'm sharing a quick remedy index for your baby's recurring ills that are not only completely safe, but also go a long way in developing your baby's immune system.
Diaper Rash: Your baby might urinate and defecate a number of times a day, but whenever you change his nappy, you need to gently pat the area clean and dry. A little carelessness in cleaning the baby's bottom may lead to irritating rashes.

Direct application of coconut oil is the easiest way to treat diaper rash. You may further enhance the efficacy by adding 3-4 drops of tea tree oil in coconut oil that would kill yeast causing bacteria and treat painful yeast diaper rash.
Teething Pain: Before a tooth actually breaks through the gums, the baby feels irritable pain and discomfort due to soreness.

The cheapest remedy to deal with fussiness of teething is to freeze a clean washcloth dipped in plain water or breast milk for half an hour and then give it to your baby to bite and suck. The numbing effect coming from cold textured cloth calms the pain.
A homemade teether made out of an ice cube, chilled vegetables and fruits (like carrots, cucumber and avocado) have been most mommies' preferred choice over wooden/plastic teethers and topical medication over the years. As the babies chew on these hard things, the counter-pressure helps reduce the pain.
Stomach Ache: Usually stomach pain is caused by food intolerance, infection, intestinal blockage or some sort of food/milk allergy, etc. The trick is to touch and find out whether the baby's abdomen is more stiff and swollen than usual.

Boil 1/2 cup of rice in 2 cups of water for about 15 minutes. Strain out the rice and flavour the water with sugar. Give warm rice water to the baby after frequent intervals.
A flavourful alternate is to boil a handful of large raisins (munakka) cut into halves in water and give spoonfuls of this warm concoction to the baby every now and then.
If the baby rejects consuming anything and cries inconsolably, make a sticky paste out of half a spoon of asafoetida (hing) mixed with water. Apply this paste on your baby’s tummy in a circular motion around the navel area to counter flatulence.
Ear Ache: I remember feeling totally puzzled whenever my baby would cry due to aching ears. I would helplessly check every body part to find what was wrong, to no avail. If your baby grabs or tugs at his ears, this could be a sign that he's in pain. Also observe if there is any fluid drainage from his ears.

If you don't suspect a ruptured eardrum, pour 2-3 drops of slightly warm garlic oil or mustard oil or onion juice in the affected ear.
Parents who disapprove of putting anything inside the ears may opt for making Onion Earmuffs. Simply slice an onion in half, microwave it until it’s soft and then wrap the onion in a cloth to hold it up to your baby’s ear.
Mosquito Bites: While mosquito bites seem common, it can be a major cause for worry if it causes swollen bumps on your baby's skin along with high fever. Parents should avoid taking babies to mosquito-infested areas. But if you have to, then do not leave the house without applying mosquito repellents to avoid any complications that may arise later like mosquito-borne diseases such as dengue, encephalitis, malaria and chikungunya to name a few. Apply a baby-safe mosquito repellent like Goodknight Fabric Roll-On on your baby's pram or clothes before stepping out to keep mosquitoes away for long hours. Made of citronella and eucalyptus oil, this personal repellent is 100% natural. It does not leave any stains on application and is certified as dermatologically safe by paediatricians. Simply apply 4 dots to keep those mosquitoes away from your baby for up to 8 hours.
If pesky mosquitos manage to sting the baby despite practising prevention tricks, the quickest cure at hand is to rub a dry soap bar on the bite immediately. You may find several alternatives in your kitchen like lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, honey or salt water that can be dabbed directly over the bitten area to curb inflammation instantly.

Cold & Cough: Babies who are less than a year old are more prone to cough and cold due to bacterial infection. They are vulnerable and easily infected on coming in contact with someone who is already sick.

Boil few cloves of garlic into mustard oil. Let the oil cool and apply it externally on your baby’s neck, chest, back, under the feet and palms. The warmth of mustard oil and anti-bacterial properties of garlic help destroy bacteria that cause cold.
Another potent remedy for cold is to dry roast carom seeds (ajwain) on a flat pan and put it in a cotton cloth, making it a pouch. Place the pouch near the baby’s nose so that he may inhale the smell to soothe his nose and throat.
Placing a cool-mist humidifier in the baby's room is a popular instrument these days. It adds moisture to the air providing relief from dry, stuffy nasal passages.
Fever: A low degree fever should not scare you as long as your child is active and playful, as fever is our body’s way of controlling the temperature and its immune response. The fluctuation in the temperature may happen in the process and is natural to every baby. Fever may also occur as a reaction to vaccination or infections in throat, ear etc.

Boil a handful of basil leaves in 2 cups of water until the solution is reduced to half. Add a little sugar and give it to your little one a few times a day.
In case of high fever, keep slices of onion under the feet of your baby and wrap the feet in the socks. Replace sliced onions every 4-6 hours until the fever is gone.
If you want to avoid stinky onions, take some slices of potato and soak them in vinegar for 10 minutes. Then place the potato slices on the baby's forehead and cover it with a washcloth on top.
These treasured natural remedies may shop results in varied time depending on the seriousness of the sickness of the baby, but are time-tested and have no side-effects. They are a brilliant alternatives for parents who are hesitant to use over-the-counter medication and feel more comfortable to nip the symptoms in the bud instead of resorting to medicines.
Let me know which remedy worked best to treat your little ones’ illness.

Caution: If any of the health-issues persists for longer than expected, do consult your medical adviser well in time.

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Thursday, 16 November 2017

Facial Skin Care Swaps for Cold Weather

When you see your skin looking dull and dry during winters, it's time to swap your usual beauty regimen with the one that should be treating your flaking, chapped skin more lovingly. Here in Chandigarh, the nights have become really cold and I get up to see foggy streets in my locality that is in the outskirts of the city. Not just the surroundings, my skin is showing changes too. So I've added Oriflame's Love Nature products in my cosmetic kitty whose key ingredient is Wild Rose. I chose this because this product range is suited for Dry skin type.
Facial skin gets most affected due to colder winds and lowering temperature. So a rich formula is needed to save your from havoc being created.

The first task is to use a basic, everyday cleanser that sweeps makeup, oil, and grime from your face without causing irritation. Love Nature 2-in-1 Cleanser Wild Rose (priced at INR 349 for 150 ml) is a 2-in-1 facial cleanser formulated with nourishing Wild Rose Oil extract to effectively cleanse skin and remove make-up without over drying. It leaving skin nourished, supple and soft due to its super gentle emollients. It's recommended to apply it in the morning and evening with cotton pad, gently wipe over face removing any excess product. The best part is that the light and smooth formula doesn't leave an oily film on my skin and quickly melts when introduced to skin.
I quenched the dryness of my winter skin with Love Nature Crème Mask Wild Rose (priced at INR 399 for 50gm). This moisturising creme mask formulated with wild rose oil extracts softens and soothes my dry skin with its intense hydration for dehydrated skin. I use it twice a week on cleansed skin. It's a rinse off formula so just needs a few plashes of water to wash off when dried. The skin looks noticeably healthy but not stripped.
Despite being dry skinned, I hate greasy formulas that add an undesirable sheen to my skin. Love Nature Day Cream Wild Rose (INR 379 for 50 ml) prevents that oily film on my skin when applied. It is easy to absorb yet rich in nutrition. It contains natural Wild Rose extract to bring suppleness and protection to the skin, leaves it velvety soft and hydrated. It is super light and an expert in adding in-depth moisturization and natural rosy glow. I need to apply it twice a day but it reduces flaking and peeling on my skin due to winter dryness.
If you managed to earn that glow, it's advised to maintain it using a quality night cream. Before hitting the bed, I apply Love Nature Night Cream Wild Rose (INR 399 for 50 ml) that deeply penetrates within the skin and the rich extracts of exotic ingredients.replenish the dead skin cells during the night time. The natural nutrients offer youthful appeal to my skin as I get up next morning to find my skin happy.
All the products in this line have mild n sweet fragrance that pleases you instantly. The colour, texture, consistency of the products have been kept almost alike. The packaging size is also travel-friendly.
Needless to say, usage of Oriflame's Love Nature Wild Rose products has shown significant changes to my skin and I suggest everyone to grace your skin with a hydration booster dose like this.

Friday, 10 November 2017

Win Bella India Products - 5 Winners (Closed)

As the awareness for good quality women essentials is catching up, I’ve teamed up with one of the finest brand Bella to give you all a chance to win a thoughtfully curated hamper of hygienic solution.

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Winners update: 21.11.17
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Secret Revealed for Hasslefree Oiling feat. Pantene Oil Replacement

One of the fondest memories of my childhood will be a relaxing head massage by mom, who always managed to spare time to give me an invigorated 'champi' as and when required. She even insisted me to oil my hair after a head bath that I never agreed to. The tiny droplets of oil dripping from all over my forehead would make me look like 'tali hui poori' :/ Though I loved the gentle sheen that oiling gives my hair, but the idea of stepping out with oiled hair and scalp never clicked me somehow.

With the advent of new age hair care, long oiling hours are now history :) Pantene introduces an international solution to end the hassles of oiling with its revolutionary Oil Replacement to India. Since hair oiling is something I don't compromise about, I couldn't resist giving Pantene Oil Replacement a try. And Voila! My experience has been worth a shout out.
Pantene Oil Replacement is a smooth, creamy formula packed in a gorgeous-looking golden squeeze tube. The spill-proof, tight-locked tube packaging is travel-friendly and can be easily pitched in your travel-kit.

The product is a milky white cream that has soothing fragrance that pleases your senses. It's super easy to apply the product onto the hair along the length of your tresses till the ends. 

In past few weeks, I have experimented using the product in different ways and I can vouch for its efficacy in every situation. In the usual instances, I've been applying Pantene Oil Replacement on my damp hair post head bath and it really gets so easy to brush my hair without any tugging or tangling. It genuinely gave me confidence of taking good care of my otherwise neglected hair due to packed schedule. 
What impressed me the most about the product is its absolutely non-sticky and now it has become possible for me to apply Pantene Oil Replacement while going to office every morning or even to social gatherings without bearing greasy residue of my scalp and looking messy. I may style my hair better than usual and need not to worry about unruly frizzy fly-away at all. I can undoubtedly ditch my hair serum when it's applied on dry strands on-the-go. 
Pantene Oil Replacement also served as a great treatment to my dry hair when left on scalp as an overnight therapy. If you worry about staining your pillow and sheet, be relaxed as it's a deep absorbent formula and doesn't drip.  

Despite such comfortable application, the product doesn't compromise in necessary nourishment that it provides to my hair. Packed with Pro-V and goodness of oils, the product gives me 2 times stronger hair with intense nourishment. 
I must admit that in my hair care journey, Pantene Oil Replacement is certainly a result-oriented and budget-friendly (priced at Rs. 150 only) companion for betterment of my hair into much more softer, smoother and healthier condition that has worked for me and will surely prove beneficial in long run. 
So if you are the one who believes that hair oil promotes health of your hair and scalp, Pantene Oil Replacement is a product that delivers what it promises :)

Saturday, 4 November 2017

Oriflame Men Cool Lavender Review

Cool Lavender is a new addition in Oriflame fragrances that is launched this year. The fragrance belongs to the masculine section, but I got it for myself because I desperately wanted a good Lavender scent for myself.
So here is the composition of this fragrance-
Top Notes: Mint, Black Pepper.
Middle Notes: Lavender.
Base Notes: Amber, Woody.

Cool Lavender comes in a crystal clear glass bottle that looks appealing and catchy without any fancy adornments. The bottle is packed in decent cardboard box in light color theme. I feel the packaging of the perfume is of equal importance as the perfume itself.

Seashore Lavender is the inspiration and the heart of this invigorating scent. It smells just perfect on me without being too masculine. I personally don't prefer sharp scents that start giving me unpleasant feel in my nose and throat after some time. I'm happy that Cool Lavender didn't make me feel uncomfortable in that way. The vitality of the fragrance casts a magical spell on the wearer :) 
I love how this clean fragrance can be worn in the most elegant and utterly correct way on any ocassion. Be it your official meeting, family outing or a romantic dinner; spraying crisp Cool lavender makes you feel confident of smelling wonderful.

When used by Mr. Hubby on a few ocassions, the base notes of the scent so dynamically swirled into woody notes and complimented the manly appeal one would aspire. Talking straight, this gorgeous scent lifts you up in one quick spritz. 
For me, the longevity is good 4-5 hours and I won't be looking for a scent that I may smell even after washing my clothing. 

Be warned you can't miss loving Cool Lavender once tested ;) I bet you would totally love as it opens with celebratory hit of pure seashore lavender and settle to a soft woody base. It's an ideal 'everyday' fragrance day time, night time and everything in between.
Price: Rs. 1499 (75ml)